Sunday, October 16, 2016

All About Rhinebeck!

 This post is all about Rhinebeck, and
very pictureliscius!

But first, here comes the bride!
Tiffany and Mark's wedding was very magical.
I will post more pictures at a later date.

 On Friday, Ruth, Martha and I went to the Vanderbuilt mansion
in Hyde Park, NY.

 Very classy. 
Here are the girls inside...kind of dark for a proper picture.

 Saturday was very cold (frosty) in the morning.
We went to ABC buildings first, and by the time we got out,
it had really warmed up.

 We were all taken by the cute animals this year

We did not purchase a lot this year, but what we did get
was fantastic!
My stash includes a Rhinebeck fleece, yarn from
Fiber Optics, some special Buffalo yarn for a cowl 
and gradient for a Rhinebeck 2017 shawl.

Also a little cup to go along with the tall mug from
last year.  So stinkin cute!
Ruth got us the Rhinebeck bag from last year!
Both girls spoiled us, with special gifts.

Martha got:
Nice throw, gradient yarn, Mitten book, buttons, fleece,
mug,and a nice card.
She wanted some Miss Babs Rhinebeck special edition
yarn, but it was gone....sigh.

Ruth got:
The fleece her stuff is on....a nice green mug, gradient yarn,
yarn for a beautiful fall shawl, mitten book, throw, buttons
and gradient yarn.

We ate some really really wonderful meals.
Had a lot of laughs and a lot of knitting time.
It was wonderful.

Joe did a little fishing while we were gone.  These
are a few of his fish from today. He had most of them
cleaned by the time I got home.  Yesterday he got
triple this amount.

Have a great week dear blog readers.
Night girls!

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