Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fast Week

This week seemed fast !

I knit a whole sock...very fast for me.  Started Sat and finished
up Sat.  I have a small start on the 2nd one. 
Yarn is Fiber Optics Pewter Color
Pattern is Wildflower Purl St...

7 rows between pattern rather than 3 as pattern calls for.
Ruth whipped up a quick cowl this week -fast

She chose not to block because she loved the way
it looks....I do too!
Crooked Ewe Cowl by Paula Emons-Fuessle.

 She is going to make a sweater with Rowan
Felted Tweed is the swatch. I made a sweater
with that yarn years ago and love it.

Martha, had a fast night last night, though not
too fun. She ripped her sock yarn sweater. It took
her all night.  When
she tried it on it was much too big so she
is starting over. I give her so much credit.
If it was me I would have to let it hibernate for a while
and make something else...

In other news today:

KeeLee is sad its so crummy so she can't go outside to play
Mickey wishes KeeLee was outside too!

I made sauce today, and my noodles are
zucchini noodles.
Also made bread..the house smells amazing!

These flowers are still looking good
from Tiffany's rehearsal party, 3.5 weeks ago!
Have a great knitting week...hoping Martha
a fast recovery on the sweater!

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