Sunday, October 23, 2016


I am still all aglow from the yarn-high at
Rhinebeck...Hard to believe it was a week
ago already...

Finished up the Plain socks for Betty.
Socks that  Rock yarn.

The second one went pretty fast for me.
Started last Thursday and finished up this Friday.
I had a lot of car knitting time to and from Rhinebeck....
And of course talking to the girls at Rhinebeck...
where we just talked about wonderful.

Started a new pair of socks with Rhinebeck yarn.
Fiber Optics. My personal FAVORITE!
Color is Pewter.  Wanted a little pop of color
so used some leftover Socks that Rock.  I will do
a pink toe also.
Wanted a pretty basic pattern, with no holes (lots of lace).
I settled on the Wildflower socks, by fpea.
Pretty easy to make bumps.  Supposed to do the
bumps with 3 plain rows in between, but that was too much.
5 was too much, so I decided on 7 plain rows in between and
so far so good.
Actually got another repeat done on
Cup of Tea socks.  

Ruth has finished up her Hanami stole !!!!
It is so so beautiful.....look at it all blocked out!
A lot of work and it is stunning!

She started   Stephen West's Dotted Rays shawl. 
Using Jill Drapers Rifton 600 gradient yarn.
So far so good!!!

Martha finished knitting Kelmscott, and got buttons
at Rhinebeck...all ready to wear. It is truly a classic piece.
She showed us at  Rhinebeck.

She is at the bottom band of her sock yarn sweater.
It is really really nice and FUN in person...a lot of work.

 Have a wonderful, knitful week dear blog readers.
Cold enough that I had to get all of the handmade socks
out.  brrrrrr

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