Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day...

After knitting the fall scarf and mittens, I had yarn left.
I  was going to make a hat, and if not enough yarn, make a cowl.
I knew if I put it away, it would never get done, so....
I made a hat this week with the leftovers.  I knew I wanted
the purple next to my face.  Cast on 132 stitches, and after ribbing
increased to 142.  I used up most of the yarn.  Seems like I didn't
do much knitting, but a hat on size 2 needles takes a while.
It is floppy and funky and weird. I just hope when I wear
it, it doesn't look frumpy!  One of these years Rhinebeck
will be cold again, and I'll be glad I have it. 

Started a sweater....not much to show.
Brookings pattern.  Rhinebeck yarn, not sure what it is.
Color is more eggplant, than purple.
I like the yarn a lot!

Ruth has almost a sweater sleeve done!

Martha is working on socks..Trecking Yarn.
Nice for jeans!

Had the family over for Mother's Day....
I made homemade donuts!

If you're wondering, they tasted wayyyyy better than they look.

I'm so lucky to have a mom to celebrate with!

We celebrated Vicky's birthday too

Tiffany got a kick out of the baby torch Joe got me to
light candles...I burned the cake!

Joey was here, but apparently hiding.  All in all a nice day,
even though I worked myself ragged Saturday and Sunday.

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