Sunday, May 7, 2017


 I finished up the first koolaid dyed sock on Friday, and it was all good.
I had quite a bit of yarn left, see little ball...and thought...hmmm
The sock leg length was only 7" because I was afraid I would run
out of's so hard to tell...

Since there was so much left, I decided to pick apart the ribbing
at the top, and knit more.

which was not that hard...I was pretty Lucky!
I added on 1.5"....for a total of 3" ribbing.
It is kind of obvious where I added, but on the leg, I don't think
it will be that big of a deal...
Soooo success...and on to the 2nd one.

I picked up the sock I started for mom last fall.
My Cup of Tea Socks...
I only had about 5" left to go

so I was able to finish up yesterday/today. I was lucky I
made some really good notes.  I like the heel pop of color.

I was lucky enough to have time to finish up the
helical mittens this week also. They turned out quite nice.
I like a long cuff.

Martha finished up her beautiful cowl this week.
Sooo pretty!

Ruth finished up her colorful socks...I love them!

And she is working away at her cableliscious sweater.

I guess I will work on the socks this week.

We live near Lake Ontario which is having major flooding issues
this year. I feel so bad for the people that live there.
We took a ride today to take a look.

This boat dock is under water.

I took a close up casue he was so beautiful

This water is usually way way way under this bridge.

There are boat docks under these pipes...

We are really lucky at our house, even though there is a lot of
water..nothing like this.

Have a safe, knitful week.

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