Sunday, June 25, 2017

There's No Crying in Baseball.....But It's Perfectly Acceptable in Knitting!

Have you ever heard that expression,
"There's no crying in baseball"?  Another words...
man up, get over it..move on.  I think it's perfectly
acceptable in knitting.  I have had that kind of week.
My experimental sweater is coming along nicely...already
on to the 2nd color. 

Somehow I got a twist...and I don't know how!  The most
logical explanation is when I joined in the round, but I
held it up several times and no twist..that I know of anyway.
So should I tink back, or totally rip? I can tink to where the sweater
joined, about 1" up from the light blue, but with this yarn, it
will take forever.  I can rip to that spot, but the markers will be
messed up. I'm not talented enough to figure that out.
What to do?  I'm going to have a real good cry...a really
good one, and let it sit for a day or two,..
I held it up a lot and not twist, so maybe if I keep tinking
I will come to that spot? or am I totally delusional?
the tears are flowing....:)

I have a small start on the 2nd sock...

Ruth is coming along on her mitten..I think it
will be stunning when done. So complex.

She has been doing a lot of laundry lately, so not
as much time to knit! 

Martha had a wicked crazy week, and weekend, so
no new knitting...

In other news:
The 2017 freezer strawberry jam is done.

Joe requested spaghetti today so I made a quick, simple sauce
he told me last week the blog has been
lame lately...I think he's right, but this is
all I've got for now! 

It is summer after all...

Happy knitting this week dear blog readers1

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martha said...

Joe needs to write the blog to show you how it's done!