Sunday, July 2, 2017


Nice day today, finally! Weather has been so weird lately, and I
would relish the cooler summer temps if we didn't have a pool.
It is too cold to swim. Next week does not look much better.
It is very nice to sleep though, which is a huge plus!

 I concentrated on the 2nd sock the last few days.
There is a sock pattern coming out this week that I
think I would like to knit, so I want these to be done.
Just finished heel decreases.
That is my LEAST favorite part of the sock...the
heel decreases.

Started the fuzzy sweater over.  Not very far yet.
 It was cooler this week, so worked a few rows on the
Brookings sweater.

Martha is zooming along on her 2nd sock, now that school is done.
She is trying to find a gradient shawl to knit.
Any suggestions?
Ruth has made slow progress on her mittens, so no pic
this week.
She did, however, send a pic of this huge moth on her car
It better stay away from her yarn!

Joey is at his friends this weekend, and went perch fishing off of
their back yard dock...nice perch

Have a nice, safe, fun July 4th...till next week dear
blog readers....

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