Sunday, July 23, 2017

Alls Quiet...while we celebrate summer

 Quiet week this week for  me, not much knitting.
Was able to get in the pool a few nights after work
and enjoy it.

Last week I told you the tale of Joe's socks, and how I would
run out of yarn.

I found some in stash, Cascade 220, that will match pretty well
The important thing is...the yarn with nylon is on the foot part,
for sturdiness....
The first picture above of the blue is much more accurate, it's
royal blue.
Kind of neat how it all worked out.  I hate ribbing legs,
off the leg, so skinny compared to the foot part.
I will take pictures on Joe's feet once both are done.
I will run into the same thing with the 2nd skein I bought, not
enough original yarn, so will have to sub the leg.

Am up to the heel flap on the 2nd sock
coming along quite well.....

Ruth is working on her second sock. I saw this in person
(did I tell you? and the colors are soooo vibrant!
She was gone this weekend so not as much progress to show

Martha is doing a great job with her s hawl (see last week's
post for more details)
She will continue to decrease one stitch on the side with the orange marker, then when I get to the center decrease  somehow knit up and finish the other side point!
 Really nice. sounds like an interesting pattern.
She added the eyelets to the pattern

In other news:
Family came over yesterday for a nice summer party:

Joel brought his croquet set and we all had so much
fun playing!

Today on the pool deck I had two visitors:
this guy was sleeping....don't know how he got up there
a tree frog. Joe said they climb everywhere

and this precious beauty:
our neighbor, Maggie the shitzu...
she came right up there for some lovin! She is about 10 or
so...curly brown hair.  Cute as a button...

That's it for this week dear blog readers....have
a good one.
Enjoy summer while it's  here.

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