Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday, again

Here we are at Sunday again. The time sure flies!
I finished up the socks from Three Irish  Girls
yarn.  My own pattern...2 mock-cables on each side...

They are for my friend Betty

They are a maroon/green color...hard to photo
Here's a pic in the sun, but not much better colorwise.
I'm glad they are done..I was really sick of them by
the time I got to the 2nd foot!

Started a new sock...
Yarn purchased at Rhinebeck...
Antirrhinum socks...what a mouthful, huh!

Kind of a blue/green color.
Yarn has tencel, for my SIL for Christmas. I think
I will do the toes in a soft gray, what do you think?
I only have one more repeat till I start the heel, but I
think I'll do one or two more...

A good re-start on the sweater I'm making up.
I can see now  how I twisted the darn thing, It's easy
to do when adding 23 stitches in the center that are
flip flopping all over...Better this time for sure.  This
is my current brainless project.

Ruth has started and finished a shawl since last week!

Knitpicks sparkle yarn

Pattern:  Summerleaf by Nim Teasdale.
I love so pretty and fun for this time of year!

 She is starting a new pair of socks, yarn unknown
 Diagonal  Cross Rib Sock pattern by Ann Budd. 

Martha just finished up her Diagonal Cross  Rib Socks...

She has a good start on her new project,
Serenity Now! Shawl

 She spent a lot of time this week searching for a shawl
pattern she liked with her yarn.
Yarn is  She's  using the Simply Fine fingering weight yarn.
It's 40% kid mohair, and 60% fine wool, and is variegated white to gray.
She had a question about the pattern, and emailed the
author. That is one of the things I really like about Ravelry.
The pattern authors are so accessible.  I've had to email different
ones a time or two.  Can't wait to see how it looks  next week!

In other news:
Joe was able to go fishing today:
Blue Gills from Silver Lake
He hasn't been able to go in a while, so I'm glad it worked out.

Here is the total of our garden this year,
one tomato and some herbs

I'm still loving the colorful flowers!

Have a great week dear blog readers....
till next time...

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