Sunday, July 16, 2017


Hey blog readers...Happy Sunday!
Managed to finish up the first Year of Techniques

 I chose a blue toe for the contrast....The socks are darker than the pic
above...more green.
I have decided to keep them for myself. I'm a little afraid
that with the tencil they may not hold up  very well, and I
would not want to give them away knowing that.
I love the reverse side also.
Just two rows done on sock #2.

I got totally distracted this week....Joe has been having
some foot issues, and only wears the socks I make him now.
I decided he needs a few more pair and I have to mass-produce I ordered some worsted and sport weight yarn
that has wool and 20% nylon. 
This first one is worsted....I weighed the yarn, and made into
two equal balls.  Then, I knit from the toe up, so I know how
much I have.  German short row heel, my favorite.
Will not have enough yarn, I'm almost out of the yarn for
sock #1.  Knitpicks Felici Worsted....
Several try-ons to get to this point and make sure they fit
right. I'm not used to the worsted weight.  Ended up with
26 stitches on each needle, total of 56.   Now this color
is much brighter in person...but hey, who cares...
not sure why some of my pics  get that yellowy orangy tint...

A few weeks ago Ruth and I scoped out a new yarn shop that
sold LYKKF driftwood needles. I got size 1.5 - for socks.
Really like them.  Today I was nearing end of the sock decreasing
for toe, on the bottom of foot side and all of a sudden snap.
yep, totally broke.

If I was pressing on it, I would understand,
but just happily knitting along and snap.  I was p*ssed beyond
words.  Good thing I saved my receipt (which I never do) because
they are  guaranteed for life.

Remember the shawl Ruth made last week?  Well she brought
it to lunch this week, and gave it to me!!! OMG, I could have cried....
I wish the photos showed the true colors....
Due to no makeup, bad hair day, etc, this is the best pic
I have this week....more next week. 
A big thank you to my dearest  friend, Ruth, for making this
for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was traveling this weekend and didn't send a new pic,
but I suspect she has a lot more done on her socks.

Martha is coming along on her shawl.
In her own words:
This is my take on the Serenity Now! shawl.  If you look at the picture there's a lot of texture with the skinny color striping on the left side of the shawl. I tried to do that when the color changed from grey to white, and it was not worth it. Instead, I put the yo holes in the pattern to add some texture with the white color. Now I'm at the point of the shawl getting ready to change directions and, I think, begin decreasing.  Can you see the beads? I decided the shawl was so monochromatic I would add some bling with the beads. They are white, gold, clear, silver, and some purple when I thought I would put the purple yarn in.

Totally lovely!  Beads are a great addition!!!

In other news we went swimming in the pool..finally!
It felt sooo nice.....
I am exhausted tonight, have been the last few I'll end here.
Mickey is waiting for me to snuggle...

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