Saturday, March 10, 2007

Meet my knitting helper - Magic. He is 13 years old and will wiggle his way into my lap no matter what I'm doing. This is my latest pair of socks made from a yarn called "Fade From Purple" that I purchased from on Etsy back in the fall.
The yarn is a very soft, 100% merino wool, done on size 3 needles. The needles are from KnitPicks and the package says they're a size 2! I should have checked but I'm too trusting. I've read of others who have been fooled by their packaging also. I can't understand why their size 2 can't be a real size 2. I digress.
I am enjoying this pattern from Charlene Schurch's book Sensational Knitted Socks
I am doing Elongated Corded Rib pattern. The pattern itself is quite stretchy so I did the foot in plain old stockingnette. When I was all done I decided I wanted some dark purple on the top, so I picked up all around the edge. I was smarter on the 2nd one and simply cast on the dark purple first.

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