Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday was so beautiful here in Western New York. We saw the sun!
I worked a bit on the 2nd Fade from Purple sock, and a bit on another project that has been on the needles way too long!
It's a sweater from Fall IK. Lots and lots of ribbing and I just get sick of it and have to put it down and work on something else. I have the front and back done and am not working on the sleeves. Well, now is crunch time. I need the needles for a sweater class I'm taking so I REALLY need to get those darn sleeves done. I'm knitting 2 at once so they're exactly the same size.
I'll post pictures later.
Since I'm new at blogging, I'll also post some recently FO's from time to time to keep it "fresh".


Anonymous said...

wow i really like this site. i can't wait to see the socks finished connie!! keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

aww that cat is so cute. i really like that color yarn!