Monday, March 19, 2007


I am ready to start decreasing for the sleeves on the sweater! Lots more rows to go, but it should be much quicker now! Yippity-Do-Dah, Yippity-Yea!!!!! Can you imagine how excited I'll be when It's time to sew it together? Not very! I have finishing issues. Those to be discussed at a later time with a glass of wine. My friend, Kevin, would call it avoidance, and he's right. But now I need the needle to start my new, FUN, sweater....and I did seriously think about buying new needles, but at $15.00 I decided to get my fingers in gear and get cracking....Knit 2, Purl 1, Knit 2, Purl 1.

Here is the picture of my daughters Fetching wrist warmers. The ladies she works with want black. Basic black. The pretty cables won't show very well but that's what they want.

See the beads...It all started with Grumperina's Odessa Hat pattern, then I did a scarf for her with beads, and now the wristwarmers. The color is really a pretty maroon, not purple.
I'll show the whole set if I can ever find it in her room, she actually wears it a lot.



Dan said...

I know you have finishing issues. You were never a closer. Nice job on the blog. Looks good. Miss your kind face at work.


John said...

You not a finisher? I am a frayed knot... That was a little knitting joke.

I love your blog. I might even start up knitting.