Thursday, March 22, 2007

Three Guesses

I'll give you three guesses to decide what this is a picture of:

If you guessed the beginning of a new FUN sweater, you're right! The sleeves are off the needles and I can start the new one. Class is next Thursday so I need to have something substantial to share by then. I figured out the math, (I hate the math part) and am ready to cast on! I need to figure out how to photograph colors better....The yarn on the right is actually a navy blue.

What we're excited about today
(because every day has something exciting, right???)

I took a loooong walk - if any of you fellow layoffees are reading this, I park at Big M in Brockport and walk to Wegman's and back - about 45 minutes - would love company anytime - you know how to reach me!)

I made another killer dinner, and told my hubby he is not allowed to start his Akins diet until I start working again....I need a purpose to my day and lately it's been satisfying his stomach!

Magic, the cat, is so thrilled that we'll be starting a new project, he's sick of that green yarn!

Which brings me to a discovery I made about myself today....I get easily bored with some things, yet I absolutely hate change....can you just imagine the conflicts that go on inside of me! No wonder I adore wine,
it subsides the internal civil war for a time.....I've heard that people change every seven years....I can feel it errupting......look out world, here I come......oh, did I mention that I'm quite shy, also....another internal conflict....the list goes on.....

It's back to Ugly Betty...what did you think about American Idol? I'm sure Kevin and Joe are happy that
Haley will be back next week.....Feel free to leave comments of who you think should win!

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k said...

Hey Forrest, you sure do like to walk! I know where Wegmans is and I think I remember where Big M is... soooo tired just thinking about it. Sure I'll join ya, like the TV commercial, I can drive along side and have the radio real loud so you can hear it.

I only know the name of ONE American Idol contestant .. so if you add Joe'e vote she has at least 2.

You are doing a very nice job with the blog and I'm very impressed with the knitting too!