Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Still Fetching

The blue "Fetching" fingerless gloves are done and the 2nd pair is 42.3% done.
I am doing this pair on sticks (double pointed needles) because of the yarn difference, the circular wouldn't work. It is much easier on my hand. This pair is oh so soft.....like the first pair only a thinner yarn. I'm using Cashsoft DK by Rowan. The blue ones were Cashsoft Aran by Rowan.

I have to work at my part time job Tuesday (which is currently my only job) so there won't be much knitting going on.

Abbey had an awful Monday! It thundered all day here and she spent the day quivering under our bed. The lake in the field behind our house is unbelievable! All that mud is not fun for a dog - especially when she comes in the house and has to stay in her bed till she's dry.

What we're excited about today?
It's warm out!

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