Sunday, April 29, 2007


We've made a lot of progress around here this weekend!
The sweater is up to the arm holes. Now what?
I spent all of Saturday night trying to figure out what kind of sleeve to make.

Saddle shoulder? Naglar? Hybrid? I have decided on either a naglar or a Saddle Shoulder.
The directions are kinda fuzzy in EZ's's probably off to The Village Yarn Shop at
lunch tomorrow to see if they can tell me in 10 sentences or less how to do it.

Other progress:
Joe replaced the border for the flower bed along the side of the house.

The yellow flower is (hopefully) a perennial that will come up every year.
I'm hopin! The color is amazing.

We pulled (Joe pulled) out some very old, very ugly bushes in the back
of the house (my idea) and we're planting a shade garden there. He is
going to put a nice wooden border around it (same as above picture).
Those bushes were soooo old he has to saw them with a chain saw,
then use an ax to finish the job. His new hip works quite well!

Now i know you're probably thinkin to yourself, wow! her husband
really loves to work around the house and in the yard - WRONG!
Walleye fishing starts on Saturday and he is trying hard to get everything
done before then, cause what doesn't get done by then - won't get done.

Abbey came out for a while today. She is such a wuss, she heard the weather
guy say it MIGHT thunderstorm tonight and she has been under the bed hiding
ever since. No more watching the news for her!

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