Monday, January 18, 2010


Boring post today. Not much knitting going on as seems to be the theme lately.
At Elizabeth Zimmerman class on Saturday, the group decided to knit the EZ
Green Sweater this is all the rage now. Ruth has a little head start as she has yarn
and swatches already. My yarn, Cascade 220, should be arriving from Spirit Work
this week. I have knit a little on Joe's 2nd sock - curising down the foot.
These socks are not very tall on his leg, but he said he liked them anyway:

I started a vest today. I couldn't help myself. I have been wanting to make
a vest with the Malabrigo worsted yarn I got at Webs when Ruth, Martha
and I went there almost two years ago now. The colors are very vibrant,
and this picture does not show that. But it is a nice "big" brainless project.
It will be just a plain vest, with maybe a twist in the center prior to starting
the "v" neck. The yarn is too busy for a pattern.

We have been busy trying to build a kitchen.

Here is a picture of where the sink used to be. No sink or stove all weekend, and it
may be till next weekend before that issue is resolved. Notice the floor
is now raised. The kitchen used to stop at the end of the hole in the floor
but not it will come out to about where the table is starting.

And we have the makings of a small vacuum/broom closet.

Wish me luck trying to get some knitting in this week.

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