Sunday, January 10, 2010


It's cold...brrrr
With the kitchen all tore up, it is even colder in our house. Joe and Joey made good
progress this week.

This construction is hard on the "little kids". I have to make sure all of the nails are
picked up......ugh!

I did manage to finish Joe's first sock, and have a small start on the 2nd one.\

Martha made these cute booties for EmmaLouise's voice teacher. They
are made out of Lopi.

Notice the bottoms she put on after felting:

Pattern is from Fall Knitters magazine.

She just finished up her first pair of alpaca socks. Very nice!

Ruth started a pair of socks, but said not picture worthy yet. I am jealous of all
the knitting time these girls have! ha ha ha ha

Did you read Clara Parkes Knitters Review this week?

She is reviewing some new yarns by the Stitch N Bitch girl.
I have mixed feelings about the the yarn is sold at JoAnn's. hmmmm
after all of the hype about supporting the local yarn shops....

1. Should we be offended?
2. Should we be greatful that she supports all yarns?

What is your opinion my knitting friends?

Stay warm dear blog readers....happy knitting....

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