Sunday, January 31, 2010

First FO of 2010

I finished up Joe's seed stitch socks made of merino / bamboo blend. They are shorter
than I wanted but he said they are fine. I did have enough yarn to make them longer,
but who knew?

I really love the yarn, and the pattern. They are blocking.

Have about 14.5 " of the vest done - need to get to 17.5" before split for arm holes.
Having fun with this little project.

Ruth finished up her mitred mittens - very nice - love the colors!

Martha sent along some pictures of her new kitchen counter:

Joe put together this little kitchenette for me to use till ours gets done.
Since we wont have cupboards till March/April, he said I needed something
besides boxes. Thank goodness he is handy!

Moved the table back in the dining room for the time being.
Makes it much nicer!

Joe is taking a much deserved break. He could not walk last Sunday night
due to working all weekend so we all realized he needs downtime on
Sunday -- well we all knew that - it was convincing him that was the

I think I will start some socks to have a small brainless thing going.
Have a great week!

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