Sunday, January 24, 2010

not socks

but the vest I'm knitting is totally brainless. Malabrigo yarn in Parrot colorway.
Love love love it. Soft yarn and continually changing colors are keeping my
interest. I have about 6 inches done so far. Have started a little waist

Knit on Joe's socks a little bit this week, but not much. I need to get those done
so he can wear them.

The kitchen is coming along good, but slow. There is only so much Joe can do
after working all day. This week he worked a lot on electrical stuff. This weekend
he and carpenter Dave put in the sophets and worked on plumbing.

Joe ordered the two dining room windows yesterday, so they
will be here soon. Since we raised the floor, the windows
will need to be raised also.

Finally ordered the cabinets yesterday and they will take 7-8 weeks.
Our little kitchen had really evolved into something nice since
we started planning it over the holidays.

This is the mess we are living in while the two rooms need to be
completely empty. The table is a mess cause we just ate lunch,
usually it is not half that awful.

Martha is remodeling her kitchen also. Looks like she is getting new tile
countertops. Very nice!!!!!

Ruth has been doing a variety of knitting:

Ruth's description:
Attached are photos of all my half done knitting. I included my EZ
mitered mitten with my design changes. One mitten down, one to go.
Brown Sheep Lanaloft yarn. The sock is Zauerball Schoppel Wolle. The
pattern is the Embossed Leaves Pattern (Mona Schmidt) from _Favorite
Socks_. The other color work mitten is the Chevron Love mitten from
Knitterly Things using the natural neutral colors. Last of all is my
swatch for the EZ green sweater. I am using the second batch of the
Briggs & Little Fir Green single ply wool. Hopefully I sill get some of
these projects done soon. I think it will be the EZ mitten.

It is all very lovely, I have personally fondled each and every project
she has going! (I know you're jealous !)

Wishing you a nice, knitfull, warm week.

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