Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

It seems like so long ago that I posted to the blog...sorry for the delay,
but the Holidays got in the way.
I have been off for 1.5 weeks and have to go back to work tomorrow.
I had plans to finish a lot of projects, and did not get to most of them.
I feel well rested, so that is a plus for sure!

I could not blog about a couple of things before Christmas because
they were for Tiffany.

Here she is in the Monkey Hat - pattern from
Anne Hanson (made same hat in green cashmere for
Aunt Charlotte) - yarn is my new favorite -
Plymouth Select - size 7 circ needles.

Mittens are from 60 Quick Knits book -
pattern: Cabled Cuff Mittens, size 7 needle.
I wish I would have used a 6 or even a size 5
needle for tightness.

Scarf is Just Enough Ruffles scarf - cast on 250 stitches,
which means I had to cast off 700!

I am quite pleased with her ensemble this year. I told
her she cannot possibly need more hats,etc. so I need
to make her something else next year.

I also finished a pair of felted slippers for Joe

they are not felted yet.....he asked for them. He already
has a pair from 4 years ago but loves them and wanted
another pair.

Yarn is Valley Yarn bulky.
Top color is dark forest green, bottom is gray, and inside
sole is blue. Stay tuned for felted pictures.....

My niece, Destiny, loved the hat and scarf that Tiffany
and I made for her. Tiffany finished the scarf up on
Dec 23rd, and she did a fantastic job!!

Yesterday, I had my first finished object of 2012...
too bad I could not have finished up one day earlier!!
I made a pair of socks for Joe in Jaeger wool.

There is a little mock cable on each side which is
hard to see in the pictures....
Right in the middle of turning the heel, the cable needle
I love to use broke!! I like 20" needles for socks, they
are perfect when using two circs.....I was able to order
more but had to improvise for the foot.

Ran out of yarn just at the toe decrease...I was so
mad....ugh! Luckily I found a little blue yarn that
blended in nicely. I think it is a little bit thicker, but
will be fine.

Ruth, Martha and I all signed up for Through The Loops
Mystery Sock pattern Knit A Long. The first installment
came out yesterday. The cuff is quite busy, so we'll see how
it goes.

I am using a mystery yarn!! I wound a bunch of yarn over a
year ago and the little tags came out of the yarn cakes. My only
fear is that is will not be enough to finish the sock, because I have
no clue how much yarn is there, but I have small feet so I think it
will be ok.

I also started a new brainless project. This is the most brainless
of them all !!

Found this yarn at Village yarn shop in East Rochester.
It is called Luxe Lace and very very soft. The colors
are very vibrant. I had a feeling that just knitting them
together long ways would make a stunning dress scarf.
So, I cast on 800 stitches. (you did not read that wrong,
it is really 800). I am knitting 2 rows, then changing
color. After each two rows, weighting it and then
writing down how much
yarn is left so I know how much to safe for the last row.
Started with red, and want to end with red.

It is very soft in my fingers, and sooo pretty.

Martha has been knitting on her sweater that she
designed herself. She is much further along now than
these pictures show. She has finished the front and back,
and is working on the sleeves.

Ruth has been very busy also.

Remember the hat she made a couple of weeks ago?
So so nice, but a little big, so she felted it a little.
This picture is a little dark, but it is very nice.

She has been knitting socks.
Finished sock is Periwinkle Yarn.
Pattern from Favorite Socks. Pattern is called
Waving Lace Socks.

The unfinished sock is from Socks.Socks.Socks .
The pattern is called Ribble socks. She is knitting
them with some Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn in Tuscany Multi color.

More of the Periwinkle:

We had a nice holiday...went by too fast.

Paetyn and Felicia came to visit a couple of times.

Christmas morning was fun:

Joel and Vicky were happy the girls were home.

Sandy is beautiful as always...

Mom and dad are happy and healthy, thank goodness!!

I think my Knitting resolutions this year will be:

*knit more for me
*learn something new
*use Rhinebeck yarn more.

till next week....


martha said...

Ruth, honestly that picture looks like a prison mug shot. You can do better!!

Ruth said...

Martha, That was the best of about 4 shots I took!

martha said...

Oh well, I know the feeling then!