Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sometimes, it helps to talk about knitting....

So Ruth Martha and I are doing Through the Loops Mystery
Sock KAL.
Wow are we really getting a bang for our $3. The
pattern is anything but dull. Cables, bobbles, - totally NOT
brainless. I was talking to Joe and telling him how slippery my
cable needles was, and could he make a wood one smaller.

He is pretty resourceful. He said if I make it any smaller
it will be the size of a toothpick. BINGO!
It clicked in my brain. I'm sure I have heard of this before
but just forgot. The toothpick is working fabulous. It has
really pointy ends, and has a little drag so the yarn does not
slip off.

I ripped the whole cuff out on Thursday, and started
over on Saturday morning with much better results.
My brain was able to think on Saturday......

I am starting clue #2 today, and Clue #3 came out
this morning. Ruth and Martha are much further
along than I am. But that's ok with me.

Ruth's sock is very nice.

Martha is so far ahead she is doing two at once:

I have been working on the 800 stitch scarf in my brainless

Ruth finished up a pair of socks in KnitPicks yarn from
the book Socks socks socks

Winter finally arrived in Western NY so she was wearing
them today..

Martha started a pair of brainless socks:

And tada............the unveiling of Martha's sweater.
Remember, she totally designed the sweater herself.
I am so is absolutely stunning.

Tiffany has been working on a baby blanket for her
little friend Paetyn (5 months old now), and doing a
terrific job. She is having fun with the self striping

She is holding two strands together. One multi
pink/purple, and one pink. It really is lovely.

We finally go some snow here and had a nice
lazy Sunday..

Mickey took a nice snuggle in between Joey's legs to
watch the football game.....

Catch you next week dear blog readers.....

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