Sunday, January 22, 2012

Plugging Away

Ruth, Martha and I are plugging away on our Through
the Loops KAL. Martha and Ruth are done with Clue
#3, and started Clue #4 which came out today. It is
the final clue.

Notice, I am barely started with Clue #2.
I swear, some rows take me 2o minutes.
Martha: All I can think of is "Oh Lord, how will I ever
make the 2nd one???"

Seriously, I am liking the sock and the challenge.

Notice I have done quite a few rows on the brainless
scarf. Each row takes me 40 minutes.

Tiffany has over 26" done on the baby blanket.
Tomorrow she starts her college internship, and will
still continue to work 25 hours a week.

I told her that knitting will save her when she is
stressed. The rhythmic back and forth of the needles
will allow her mind to relax.......

Ruth's colorful sock is from Book of Socks using Regia by kaffe fassett.

Her green sock is the KAL and the yarn is lovely.
(I got to fondle it yesterday).

Martha is moving along with two KAL's at once!!

Nice knitting girls, I'm so glad we are doing this....

Not much other news going on...

Mickey says "have a nice week"

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Ruth said...

What beautiful eyes Mickey has!!