Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013


Wow, it's been almost a month since my last post. Not a lot of knitting
content to share....we have had a super wonderful holiday season here
at Knitatation.  Randomness from the month:

Mickey loved his tree....it looks nicer with lights on.
 I made meringues for the first time. 
 They were really good.
 We had our annual ham dinner.
 Abbey loved Christmas morning.
 She got spoiled as usual.
 Mickey had fun...he thought the presents were better unopened.
 I finished up mom's socks...Madelinetosh Light yarn.
Waving Lace Socks, from Favorite Socks book.

 She loved them. The pattern shows up great when on the leg/foot.

We had ribs, cornbread and mac salad for dinner on Christmas Eve.

Tiff showed up early Christmas morning.  (who looks that good in the morning, just
out of bed????)

Joe enjoyed the kids opening presents.
I like that the kids like each other.

Mickey found a new hiding spot....near the ceiling of course.

I finished Tiffany's Lucy hat. It looks much much better in person, than in
these pictures.

 I made yet another hat -- this one for my brother for Christmas. I wanted to use
up the yarn.....and hats are quick.....and brainless.....Pattern is K3, P2.

Tiffany finished up the scarf for her customer at the diner. It is sooo nice.

I finished up the Shallows scarf....yarn is from Ellens Half Pint...purchased
at Rhinebeck years ago.  1/2 Merino / 1/2 Tencel...
 It felt like linen when I was knitting it, but softened up when blocking.
 These blocking pics are awful, colors are more true above.  I am going to attach
the ends and make a looping cowl. More finished pics next week.

I am starting the heel flap on Joe's 2nd sock.  Going pretty quick on size 2 needles.

started...I picked some blue yarn, again purchased from
Rhinebeck a long time ago. No label....so I can't 
give yarn detail. I think its from one of the farms..simple
yarn.  Ruth and Martha are playing along too.

Ruth has been working on the Winnowing  Shawl.

The edging is taking her forever. Isn't it beautiful?
Spirit Trail Fiberworks. Color is Kismet. About 4 more inches to go.

She is also making a sock...
Little Purls of Wisdom pattern from Knitty...Madelinetosh yarn.

Love the colors !!!

Martha has been busy.... all notes below in her own words:

Here is a pic of Tom in the sweater she finished a few weeks ago:


 Current sock.  My pattern and Freckles sock yarn I bought at Rhinebeck.  I am not about 3/4 way through of the first sock by now.

 Ok I am stuck on this.  This is a "free" pattern with a ruffly finish on the ends and the number of stitches in the ruffle pattern does not match.  I am meditating about what to do, while knitting  through my Freckles sock.  I want to wear this to the wedding so and am planning to put beads on the ruffle portion so I hope to think this through soon.

Here is my Moss Scarf, which I don't like because it has really rolled ito a long tube.  I am thinking or reknitting it since I had to buy the orange color and doing it garter.  Ann said crochet a single chain around it and see if it calms down.  I may try that first.  I where it a lot.  I have many of the colors.

Have a nice week. It is pretty white and snowy here this week.


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