Sunday, January 20, 2013

Knitting Intuition

Knitters have intuition like mom's do.  W know when something is not
right with our knitting, but often refuse to believe it until it's too late.
Take my latest sock, for example.

I wanted to make something to work inbetween the Mystery sock.
I have had this Lorna' Laces yarn for a long time and thought I could
make something nice and simple with it. Then I decided to make
mom's Christmas socks. Might as well get going on those, right?

Also, I wanted toe up. Mom has very very bad fee due to bunions,
misplaced toes, etc. She needs a really wide toe. I cast on 80 stitches,
and I think that # is good for her. But it needs to  narrow for her heel.

I narrowed to 36 and it was still way to big. I kept trying on Joe as his
feet and mom's are similar. It looked too big for him, but I kept knitting.
Did the heel.  I'm using this heel:

which I think might be similar to the "smart heel" that Ruth and Martha use.
I did the heel, turned it and started up the leg.  I tried it on Joey because I'm still
trying to make it work in my head. Joey has pretty big feet, and he said mom,
these would be too big for me.  So I ripped. Almost a whole sock done.

 I just had to take a picture so you didn't think I goofed off all week !!

Here is the current progress:
I'm kind of liking these colors. With 64 stitches, there is not much pooling. It's interesting
now just 4 stitches more or less can effect the pooling.

I am up to speed on the Mystery sock. Has quite a fancy heel. And actually I think
though it is pretty, it will be pretty fragile, especially in the yarn I am using.

Ruth has been working on socks, also.
Here is a picture of her mystery socks which is Regia extra twist merino yarn.
 The other pair is from an old ball of Opal yarn. Her pattern, K6,P2. Snazzy colors!!
Don't they look FUN!

Ruth found some yarn in her stash .
Its from her sister who bought it in 1994. No ball bands on the skeins. Receipt says Soft wool, 2ply, seconds. From the Woolery when it was located in Genoa NY.She spent a lot of time this
week untangling, washing and rewinding. 

Ruth also finished up her Winnowing shawl this week. She had to wait for
a little bit more yarn to arrive in the mail to finish up the edge.

I love this, don't you?

I get to see it in person tomorrow! Can't wait.  I love the shape and how it
flows over her arms..nice and comfy.

Martha is in Boston for a snazzy wedding this weekend, so no updates from her.

Here is a picture of Ruth's kitty...Lucy. She is soooooo cute.  We thing she and
Mickey look related...what do you think?

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