Sunday, January 13, 2013

NOT Knitting Weather

but real knitters keep pushing the knits and purls anyway !! ha ha ha
It was 60 today and I had the windows open to air out the house.

This is my installment of the mystery sock, done with Clue 2. I really had
to work my fingers off to get this done. I did not work on it during the week
so had to do it Fri, Sat,  Sunday.

Awful awful pictures.  I like that the pattern is just one repeat on each needle,
which works out great if you are using two circs like I do.
I like my yarn...a lot.  I am confused as to why she had us do the little cable
cross, as it does not really show up. I checked out Ravelry and mine looks
like everyone elses....

Finished up Joe's gray socks this week.  They are very soft. Feel like
they have aloe or something. 
The above picture is more of the color.

This picture below is the two socks is always a win when they turn
out the same size....

Tiffany and I  went to ceramics and painted last week.  here is my new butter dish.

It is really not yellow, just a nice soft tan.
This pic is better. I have kind of a funky theme going.  I tell Joey he is getting all of it
when he moves out. He ask me if I could make the colors any more girly than
they are ...hahahahahhaha

Here is my ceiling decoration......

He is so cute.

Here is Ruth's mystery sock. Hers is behaving better in the pics than mine did.

She started a new sock this week:
Pattern is K6, P2.
I love the crazy colors !!!

Martha is working on the mystery socks also, but no pics this week.
She also finished up a shawl this week.

That's it....for this week....have a wonderful week....

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