Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Sock" it to me....

Yes, socks and sock yarn are the main topic of our knitting this week.
I finished mom's first sock using the Opal yarn.  I was a little afraid
I would not have enough so I added in a different color toe using
Loopy Solids yarn.  I think it is very pretty.  
2nd socks is just barely started.
 Made a little more progress on Kristen's Business Casual sock.
have the heel flap done, and ready to do the heel. I love this
yarn so much I can't believe I'm giving it away!

I added in some sewing thread for stability since that was all I
had of the right color.
I have to finish these two pair, and do socks for two more people
for Christmas before I'm done. Then I want to make  Tiffany
something nice. she does not need socks.

Ruth is workign on her baby vest.
ON line Supersocke 100 Flower-Color. 
Pattern is Sigge by Filcolana. Free on Ravelry.

 This is totally adorable. For new little baby Evelyn.

Martha is plugging away on her socks. She has a little more free
time now.
 Well worth it when done!

In other today. Joe and I went fishing.
he caught some blue gills, silver bass and perch.
I knit and told him he was my hero (which he was).
It was hard fishing on Lake Alice with all of the jet skis and
party boats.

We had them for dinner.

I guess that's all folks...till next week.
happy knitting.
hard to believe August is almost over...wahhhhhh

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