Sunday, August 30, 2015


 I switched to Firefox something or other on my computer
last week and now having major trouble getting my pics.
I could do it last week but not today...huh?
I got this one. Made little progress this week on business
casual sock.  

I had a super busy week and not much knitting time. Little progress
on mom's sock.

Ruth finished up her little vest for baby Evelyn.
Super cute.
Martha made more than a little progess on her
Lilli Pilli  shawl. She is almost ready to start
first lace section.

A friend at work made had this little stone made for us
to remember Abbey. We put it on the back step by the
door, because she was always there waiting to come in.
We had a little bday party for Joey and Mark today.
This is Joey's girlfriend Kristen and Joey and dad
 Steamed clams.
 Mark's is Tuesday

It turned out to be a great day!

Hard to believe Labor day is next week.
Joe and I are taking a little vacation so no blog next week.

See you in September....

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