Sunday, August 23, 2015

Spare Parts

 I did not get much knitting done this week....where did the time go?
As I sit here at 7:33 on a Sunday, I have not knit one stitch...
I have about 3.5 " of the 2nd pink sock done.

 And managed to turn the heel on the Business Casual socks.
 Still decreasing....
 I am quite bored with both.  HELP!
But I have to get them done so I can move on. The pink one
is actually more appealing to knit right  now than the blue one.

I've been thinking a lot lately about spare parts......
in knitters terms this means stash.

Ruth can explain spare parts a lot better than I can because
when we worked at Kodak she dealt with them everyday.

There came a time in the manufacturing industry where they
decided to cut way down on spare parts. Because even though
they were handy, it was money out the door.

I've been thinking a lot about that in terms of stash lately.
I have passed up some damn good deals the last couple of weeks....
but what good is a  good deal, if you can't use it? or another better
deal comes along. I have decided its actually cheaper
to pay full price for something I need right now, than to put
something really nice in the "maybe someday" pile.
I have a huge stash, a lot of "maybe someday" yarn...and I am so grateful and lucky.
Not that I won't be  buying yarn, because I will. But I have decided to
look and think and NOT ACT impulsively.  Martha is really good
about this. She uses up stash all of the time.  Mine is embarrassingly

 Anyway....the girls have been knitting this week....

Ruth is continuing to work on her baby vest...which
is done except for a little icord edging...

Martha's socks are done.  They are mirror image...nice job!
She has started the Lilli Pilli shawl with these colors:

My porch flowers are so pretty right now...
Have a nice week...and cross your knitting needles that I can
get some knitting time in this week!

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