Thursday, April 5, 2007


I had to frog that dam sweater again! (rip it rip it)....
The story of why and how is to long and painful .....
Ruth says I should start over and do what I wanted to accomplish cause it's going to be beautiful....I'm not sure I have it in me at this point. It shouldn't be this hard! I nonly have to get thru 20 rows and then it will be easy....only 20 rows!
Oh well.
I met a lady at my new job who was carrying a basket of knitting with her when she was leaving for the night. I was so excited to see someone to talk to (my new job is kinda lonely) that she probably thinks I'm some kind of wierdo and will go out of her way to avoid me instead of trying to find me again.
I'll post pictures tomorrow - it will probably take me ALL OF TONIGHT to untangle the dam yarn.

What's new?
The boys are watching the Sabres tonight...
so we aren't going to play poker.......
Hi John, I hope you win!

What about Gina getting kicked off of American Idol? I'm sure Kevin is happy that Haley
is still there but come on! Gina was way better than "legs all the way up to there" Haley!

My new obsession is the Amy Winehouse CD - back to black. It is totally unlike anything I usually listen to. I love the music, and her voice, but I don't like most of the words....does that make sense? I got the edited version. I'm old enough to hear the "F" word, but I don't want to in my music.... Want a copy, let me know..... She reminds me of Chandler's ex girlfriend - Janice- on friends. When I put her CD on I get lots of cleaning should see my new dance moves now!

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