Sunday, April 8, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like....Christmas?

Snowy, blowy, flaky weather today - it would have really made a beautiful Christmas!
We had a wonderful dinner at mom and dad's. Joe's family did not get together this year so
his mom came to my mom's for coffee - it was nice to stay in one place!

A picture of Aunt Charlotte - an amazing woman - this picture does not do her justice.

My little brother, Joel and Joey

mom and dad's new baby - Ivy - she is an Australian Cattle Dog - a little rip!
She was all white when she was a baby, now the black is starting to come thru.

I like my green sweater again, and blocked it today. Now I can start the sewing together process. I also picked up the purple socks and turned the heel, and have successfully completed
11 rows of the new sweater.

Considering I had to work Friday and Saturday, I'd say I got quite a lot of knitting accomplished.

What we're excited about today?
Lots of things too numerous to mention!

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