Friday, April 6, 2007


Lost. I'm lost in my knitting. I wanted that pattern to work I ripped and ripped..... I was able to selvege some of it, the part I really liked.

Lost. Joe's nephew is a lost sole, has been since he was about 5 when his mom remarried and had a couple new kids with the new husband. Newphew was not the baby anymore and the new dad liked his kids better. He struggled for a lot of years. He's been in and out of minor trouble with the he decided to join the army. We all thought that would be great for him, learn discipline, get a new direction in life, see the commercials. He was shipped to Iraq. He was there for about a year I guess, and while there he saw some 'action'. He watched his friend get his leg blown off, and it is rumored he had to do some killing himself. He doesn't talk about it unless he's really drunk....he's in the process of getting an honorable discharge because of rumored mental problems. The kind of stuff I used to hear my mom and dad talk about when my uncle came back from Vietnam. And I think to myself, who is going to take care of the "lost" boys when they get home. What are we really winning....will anyone think about them when they're 40 and 50 and 60 and still can't sleep at night? Nephew is only 24 now.

Lost. Today is Good Friday. Jesus lost his life for us.

Lost. John lost poker..... ha ha ha

---well, I found a new pattern for knitting and am not going to jinx it by showing you too soon.
It came from this book

--Joe's nephew is out now, and went to live with his Marine brother at some base in Atlanta to get a fresh start. I hope that now that he's away from "it all" he might start to heal.

--Jesus arose and saved us all.

--John won at poker ---finally ha ha ha

Lost. Spring.....
This is a beautious picture Joey took ice fishing.

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