Sunday, August 7, 2022


 Hi Dear Blog Readers!

It is sooo hot and humid here in Western New  York.  Not much knitting this week. The needle came out of about 20 end stitches and it took me a day to mentally prepare myself to fix it. Ugh.  Fixed quite easily though....carry on.   Then today I dropped a stitch in the middle where the points come together.   Ugh...

And it just got worse from there.  I am currently tinking back. I figure I will have to tink back about 6 rows at least..... 6 long get it right.  Such is the life of a knitter.

Ruth and Martha are at a very large family reunion. So no blog updates from them.  Ruth started a new sweater...more on that next week. And Martha is continuing on her sweater.  

Tiffany and Mason came swimming this week...Had a blast!

We went to hear a one man band and have ice cream with them.  So fun.

Joey came Saturday to help Joe repair the pool stairs. Big project. So hot. Thank you Joey.

All is good here. I'm heading to the pool dear blog readers. I hope you are enjoying summer.

Sunday, July 31, 2022


 Hi Dear Blog Readers...

I was off of work this week for a STAYcation.  I had a big list of things to do, and only did a few of them. Oh well, I had a great week and feel very relaxed.  I actually knit a lot, though it does not look like it.

3.5 repeats done on Part two of the Lansbury Shawlette. It's not like me to be exclusive to one project for so long, but I have been!  I am impressed with the math this designer used.  Just keep knitting till you get to this many ozs....end after a certain row, math math math. Makes my head spin. Actually all designers use a lot of math.  It's mind boggling to me. I am NOT a math person!

Ruth finished up two projects this week!

Campside Shawl by Alicia Plummer. Yarn is Hudson Valley Fibers. Mallard colorway.  

Turned out great!!!

She started and finished a hat called Fixation by Weaverknits. Yarn is Plied.  I love the colors...such a cute project.

Martha is working on the ribbing for her new sweater. She started a time or two and now is wizzing away!

The pattern is StrikkeKaffe.  It will be very nice.

In other news:

We got to spend a lot of  time with Tiffany and Mason this weekend. It was awesome.  Tiffany and I took him to the county fair yesterday.  His favorite thing was watching barrel races.  He loves Horseys....

He also loves Llamas!

He came for a couple of hours today so we could just play.

Clearly, I need a selfie stick!  LOL

Have a great week dear blog readers.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Believe it or Not....

Hi Dear Blog Readers....

Believe it or not, the last week of JULY is upon us!  We had a great weather week here in Western NY. I took shorter walks in the am and then swam before starting work at 6:30 am.  Felt so good.

Believe it or not, I did a LOT of  knitting on the Lansbury Shawl. It does not look like it though. Growing very slowly. I have two sections almost done. See the  right and left edges are moving to the center. Once I get to center, start another section.   A lot of garter  which is nice, and some thinking which is also nice.

Believe it or not, Ruth has not knit on the Campside shawl in a couple of days. Martha came to see Ruth and their sister Janet for the weekend so both were quite busy with other things.  It's quite lovely, don't you think?!

Martha was traveling home today so no update this week. She was busy with Ruth and Janet. She had been doing the swatch for the Strikkekaffe sweater.  Basketweave pattern.

In other news:

Joe and I had a nice summery dinner.

He cooked ribs with a dry rub. So delicious.  We don't normally cook ribs.

We attended a Couples Bridal Shower for Joey and Casey at her parents yesterday. It was really really nice. Sept 9th is coming so fast.

Tiffany and Mason came swimming 2x  this week for a little microvisit. so fun.

Mason had fun "driving" the blow up car.

 Have a nice week dear blog readers. 

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Nice. Just nice

 This week has been so nice.  The weather has been really nice. Not too humid except for today  I just love summer. And this year, for the first time ever, ever, we have a window air conditioner which makes things even better.  Joe and I went boating today.,.it was just such a nice day.  First time I've been in the boat this year.

I finished up the knitting on the Thermis cowl. Just need to whip stitch the v-part and add buttons.The picture would not transfer so will add a finished pic next week.  It is really nice.

I started a new shawlette.  Using  Fleece  Artist Vine yarn.  It's single ply.  Like it a lot.  It's blue tweed, just like the Thermis cowl.  Must be my thing this year. (insert shoulder shrug here)

The Lansbury shawl.  Pattern says its great for colorful yarn. I love that you weigh the yarn and she does math for you and you knit till you are so many ounces left, then start section two, knit till so many ounces left, then start section all yarn is used.

 Oh, and right in the pattern it says, when you're done with the first section it should look like a beautiful g-string!

I have a bit to go before I'm done with this section.  Only increase 2 stitches every 4 rows.

Ruth has made great progress on her Campside shawl.

Look how nice it is!

Yarn is Hudson Valley Fibers Moonda Heathers. Romney/merino. Color is Mallard.

Martha steeked her Daytripper sweater.  Took her about 4 hours yesterday sitting patiently working on it. (and calls to Ruth).  It turned out beautifully.  Just so nice.

She is swatching for this sweater now.

In other news:

It was a nice weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend also.

Stay safe and be kind dear knitters.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Summer Time!

 Hi Dear Blog Readers!  I hope your summer is going well.  Here in Western NY, the weather has been very dry. The days have been beautiful. Not too humid...just nice.  

I had Tuesday off, and was able to make a lot of progress on the 2nd Feathering The Nest sock and now they are done!

I love how this heel flap turned out. I made it up. Multiple of 3 stitches

Row 1  Sli.p  Slip.  Knit Thru Back Loop

Row 2 Slip, Purl rest of stitches.

Sock yarn is from Spencer HillFarm.  I like how it has the little bits of lighter color in there.

Two Christmas gifts done. Usually I have 4-5 done by now. I'm  not making as many this year.

Made a little progress on the  Thermis cowl. . Yarn is  Aisling Yarn - DK Merino.

It's boring to knit, but I really like the pattern with the yarn. I'm looking for something a little more challenging to knit.

Ruth finished the knitting part of her LettiLopi Sweater. More to come on that when it's finished.
She started a shawl. So pretty don't you think!  I can't wait to see it blocked out.
Pattern is Campside by Alicia Plummer. Yarn is Hudson Valley Fibers Moonda Heathers. Romney/merino. Color is Mallard.

Martha is done with the knitting part of her Daytripper Sweater. She is waiting for needle felting tools so she can steek.  Love her colors.

In other news:  

Tiffany and Mark went to a wedding last night. I love this picture that was taken at the wedding.

This picture was taken on July 4th.  Mason and Riley. Riley is Casey's niece, and the flower girl in the upcoming wedding on Sept 9th. Mason is ring bearer.  I just love the little toddler language they are using without words.

These three are in the wedding. Teagan is 8 months old.  Casey''s nephew (Riley's cousin).

Uncle JoJoe and Mason.

Joe and I took Mason to the playground last night.  Pic is enlarged quite a bit so not the best , but the point of sharing is his smile. He had a blast!  So did we!

Until next week dear blog readers, stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Wedding Season

 Hi Dear Blog Readers!

June is the start of wedding season...and we were lucky enough to attend one Saturday. My cousin's son, Steve got married. A great time was had by all. Pictures down below.

I have completed ribbing and 1.5 repeats on the 2nd sock, pattern is Feathering the Nest.

I have noticed that when I put knitting on the sheepskin to photograph it, the colors are so accurate!

Ruth is starting her first sleeve on the cute pattern she is making up using leftover LettiLopi yarn.

So cute!  And going fast!

Martha went away for a relaxing weekend and has no updates.

Some wedding pics, in no particular order

Mom and dad had fun!

The nearly weds Casey & Joey

Tiffany and Mark

Bride and groom Steve and Marissa

Mom, dad and my kids

Mom, dad, Joe and me

Joel and Vicky. They have both worked really hard to lose weight this year

More Mark and Tiffany. 

Steve and my cousin Denise...mother of the groom. They did some great twirling for Mother/Son Dance

Mason had fun playing this weekend

His cousin Colton and Tiffany's SIL and MIL watched Mason while we went to the wedding. Mason LOVES Colton. Tiffany got them each new jammies for the occasion.


Have a great week dear blog readers. I think the heatwave will be over tomorrow.  

Stay safe and be kind.