Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday, Again

 Hi dear blog can it be Sunday again already?  We have had such nice weather this week, but today we are getting much needed rain here in Western New York.

I have knit on the  MK#1 Baby Cardigan by Minimal Knits. sweater all week.  The stockinette part seems to be taking longer than the garter. I'm hoping to get a lot more done this week.  The Plymouth Select yarn is so nice. Great stitch definition. I got a long needle and will try to learn magic loop or the sleeves. Wish me luck ! This is the third baby boy sweater this year and I'm over it!  LOL 

Ruth has made great progress on her sweater - . Pattern is Forager by Isabelle Kraemer. 

I think it looks great - love the color!

Martha was busy with work this week so did not knit enough to send an update.

In other news:

Joe/Joey went fishing and caught some large perch.  Not many but they are big and will make a meal for Joe and I.

Mason is 6.5 months old now. Loves being outside.


He scooches his feet and his car moves across the patio.  He is very tall for a 6 month old

We took a walk one day at lunch

Have a good week dear blog readers, I'm off to knit on the sweater!

Stay safe and be kind!

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter Sunday

 Happy Easter.  It was a beautiful day here in Western but sunny!

 Mom called me yesterday and asked if I had time to work on some of her socks she sent her a while ago to have the bottom holes fixed.  I've been avoiding that task.  It's hard on my hands for some reason. But I got two pair done for her.  

The fix is not very pretty at all.

 I hope are still comfortable for her to wear.

I have one more baby boy sweater to make for baby coming in 8 weeks. My friend Laurie's 2nd grandson.  Pattern is MK#1 Baby Cardigan by Minimal Knits. I am making the 6-12 month size.

Plymouth Select Superwash yarn.  I love this yarn!

Got a lot done on the giant socks this week. Working my way down this size 13 foot.

I am totally sick of them because they are so big and take so long.  

When I started the bottom, I switched the bottom needle to a size 2.25 and kept the top needle at 2.5.  I think it would have been too stretchy and not as sturdy in the 2.5 size.  Because of this, I increased two stiches on the bottom.

Made the heel bottom on both colors because this yarn feels so soft.

The yarn is Huntington. I added the wrong picture last week for the yarn.

Ruth started a new sweater this week!

Yarn is Harrisville Shear. Pattern is Forager by Isabelle Kraemer. 

Looks like a great sweater!

 Martha is working away on her sweater.

Here are pictures of the left front and back of her Oban sweater blocked. Martha says:  "This pattern looks so straight in shaping but if you look at this you can see it is shaped? Maybe the model was very thin in the pattern pictures so you don’t see the shaping! Anyways here's to hoping it fits"

I think it looks great!

 In other news:

The family came for Easter today. It was so nice. Joe and I made a nice ham dinner. They all brought food so it was nice.

This is Uncle Joey and Aunt Casey with Mason. He was very social today.

Joel and Vicky

Mom and dad

We had a really nice day.  I hope yours was nice as well.
Have a great week dear blog readers. Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, March 28, 2021


Hey dear blog readers. I hope this post finds you well.  There was a little knitting this week here at Knitatation.

I finished up the Sunnyside Cardigan. Probably a size 9 month or so.

Pattern called for fingering yarn, and I used worsted weight - and followed the directions for smallest size.

Universal Cotton Yarn. Size 7 Needle.  I actually like the yarn. It blocked great.

Shower was today and mom-to-be loved it.  Yea!

I started a pair of socks for my son-in-law. The one with giant size 13 feet.  I make his Christmas socks first. The rest seem to go so fast after his.  I usually use Hathorne yarn for his but this time switching it up and doing two colors with Huntington yarn.  

Pattern is Twisted Rib from Wanderlust Field guide from Modern Daily Knitting.

So far so good.

Joe and I were in Buffalo on Friday and stopped at this little yarn shop.  So cute in there. It was so nice to actually fondle yarn again!

Mason is finally using his snuggly I made him. Yea!


Ruth is almost done with her  Fehling sweater pattern from Brooklyn Tweed --Bartlett rag yarn . The yoke decreases are a little tricky and she has to pay attention.  Looks Great !!!!!

Martha has been knitting on the front of her sweater this week.  She said there’s a lot of knitting.  The gauge is small, there’s a 3+” overlap in the fronts so it’s a lot and Ktb which takes more attention, and carrying the two colors back and forth 🙄  She will be so glad to knit in the sleeves.  I think it looks great !

Have a great week dear blog readers.  Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spring Has Sprung!

 Hi Dear Blog's Spring!  So beautiful here in Western New York Today.

This week I worked on the baby sweater--Sunny Side Cardigan.  Universal Cotton Supreme yarn, size 7 needle.  Just barely a start on the 1st sleeve. I noticed a mistake and had to rip 3" yesterday.  The baby shower is Sunday so I need to knit like the wind this week. This yarn has great stitch definition.

The baby sweater I made Mason before he was born still fits! (barely)  Yea!

He will be 6 months old tomorrow...he started giggling today. So cute.

Ruth has attached the sleeves to her Fehling sweater  -  I bet she will finish it up this week.
I think it's turning out really really nice!

Martha is working on the front of her Oban sweater.  Here’s the front. She said the shape is weird but the skinny part is the bottom and the cut out is where the skirt like part attaches.  Its quite shaped and she's adding stitches for the bust line. Fingers crossed it fits! Here is a picture of the model wearing the sweater for comparison.  I think it looks great!   A lot of work!

In other news:
I took this picture across the pond from Joey's house Friday night. It was spectacular!


Joe and his friend Wayne went fishing today and caught Brown trout.  They had a lot of fun.

Have a good week dear blog readers.  Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Still Springy

 Hi Dear Blog Readers!  Our weather has been all over the place this week. Two days near or at 70 and now today it's freezing out. Sooo windy here again.  But the sun is bright and so pretty.

I blocked the new socks I finished up and wrote about in last week's post.  Not twins, but still in the same family.

They are soft on my feet which I like. Very tall, but don't come to my knees...Almost!

My pair for the year.  Now on to something else.

Have a good start on the Sunnyside sweater.  I am following the smallest size, but using Worsted yarn rather than fingering.  It's still going to be big. I was hoping for 6 month size or so.  Here is the back.

This is the front. For Cotton yarn, I am really liking the Universal Cotton Supreme, though it is very splitty.  It is not hard on my hands like some cotton. 

Started Christmas socks for my son in law who has the size 13 feet.  The body will be gray with navy accents.

The Huntington yarn is very very splitty.  

Ruth is on to the body of her Fehling sweater from Brooklin Tweed in the Bartlett Rag yarn.  It looks so good!

Martha  is really moving along on her new sweater.  Oban

In her words:

The back is blocked. It looks much better blocked. The pattern is pretty Waffley so the stretching does it well. I’m still nervous it’ll be too small!!  It measures right but sizing is ALWAYS something to worry about.

 Here's the front. I usually make the fronts together to make sure they are the same.  With two balls of yarn going on both sides so 4 balls total that seemed too unwieldily. So I said to myself one at a time and will keep track of the rows meticulously.  So far it is slow going. I lost track of the cable so I had to rip a few rows etc

In other news:

I bought flowers for St Patrick's day.  Makes the table looks so nice. We had our corned beef and cabbage dinner tonight.  

This time change is messing me up.  I feel like I lost three hours today.  I'm going to go knit on the sweater, the shower is in two weeks.

Have a great week dear blog readers. I hope you get a lot of knitting time.

Stay safe and be kind.