Sunday, August 1, 2021

August ? Already?

 Hi Dear Blog Readers!  how can it be August already?  It is quite chilly here in Western New York.  Our pool is way too cold to swim in.  

Since I did not blog last week, you would think I have a lot of knitting to show. NOT!  I've been busy with life this week. I was on vacation -- at home -- but still did not knit much.

I did finish the pair of Socks of Kindness.

Size 1.5 needle - here is pic of yarn label.

These are for mom for Christmas.  I like them alot!

I made one baby bootie for Tiffany's friend Lauren who is due in September. The other bootie is barely started. 

Decreasing for toe on the Intersections Sock. Should start the 2nd sock today or tomorrow.

Here is another picture of Martha's finished Oban sweater. (picture quality is not the best)

She has a good start on her new sweater...The Big Y

In her words:

This is the RHINEBECK yarn by Dancing Leaf.  Ruth bought the same yarn and had a big discrepancy in the colors. She knit her sweater body out of the darker and sleeves out of the lighter color.  I started with my darker yarn and when it seemed to be lightening I started in with another ball.  Now I’m doing alternating rows.  I realized after knitting about 5” I was in the wrong size needle, one size too small. What’d I do? Switched needles and kept knitting! I’m just in love with this yarn especially the top.  I’m looking forward to touching and looking at all the yarn I buy this year.

Here is a picture of pattern and yarn info:

Ruth is almost done with her new sweater!

Marlaix by Regina Mossmer. Yarn is Peace Fleece. Blue Jay color way.

I saw her sweater in person this week and the color is so beautiful!


In other news:

Family came to celebrate my birthday last week. 

My work sent flowers!

Tiffany and Mark took Mason to the county fair.  He loved it!

Ruth has a family of turkeys in her backyard:

The rest of these pictures are from the combined birthday party for my brother and me. Feel free to skip them. I post here because the blog is kind of a family photo album, especially for out of town family members. 

Have a good week dear blog readers. Stay safe and be kind!



Sunday, July 18, 2021


 Hi Dear Blog Readers!

Torrential rains here this week.  I was able to make some progress on the socks.

The first sock is ready for the toe decreases.  I'm afraid I will run out of yarn. I should have used less stitches.  They are very stretchy because of the YO's.  I put the stitches on a smaller needle and started the 2nd sock.  I really really hope I have enough yarn to at least get to the point where I am at on the 1st one.

Pattern is Socks of Kindness. I love the yarn/pattern combo.  

The second pair that I am working on has not had much progress. I knit a couple of rows a day just to keep in the rhythm of the pattern.  I like it.  Pattern is "Intersections".

After the green socks are done I'm going to whip up a pair of baby booties.  Tiffany's friend is having a baby end of September and shower is mid-August.  Don't know if its a boy or girl.  Tiffany loved the booties I made Mason -- Easy-Peasy No Sew, Stay On Baby Booties.  She used them daily.  

Ruth is really moving along on her current sweater! 

Yarn is Peace Fleece DK. Color is Blue Jay. Pattern is Morlaix cardi by Regina Moessmer. So nice, don't you think?!!  She has made a lot of progress this week.

The STAR of today's blog is Martha's sweater - Oban by Norah Gaughan published by Brooklyn Tweed.  The yarn is Logwood Sport by Lana Plantea Yarns. Rombiuollet and Alpaca.  The knitting is done, now it's just adding the cute snaps.

Reminder she made a few pattern modifications along the way, plus used alternating skeins of yarn the whole time!

I love the smile on her face, you can tell she is so happy with it.

Beginning of snaps!  Masterpiece for sure!

She has also been working on socks with Uneek sock yarn.  64 stitches.  She did an afterthought heel so the striping would not be messed up.  Love the colors. She got me some yarn like this in different colors. Ruth too. Ruth already made hers.  

In other news:

My son-in-law's lettuce is growing like crazy.  I should have tomatoes in a couple of weeks.   They are getting big but not turning red yet.

Have a good week dear blog readers.

Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, July 11, 2021


 Hi Dear Blog  Readers!

Update on my socks:

I have turned the heel on the "Socks of Kindness" and almost done with decreases.  You would think I would have more done since there was no update last week.  I had a lot of days with no knitting.  It's a fun pattern and easy to do.  These are for mom.

I had to take my dad to a procedure on Friday, and since mom was going to be there the whole time, I could not work on these socks, so....I started another pair.  Super easy.  No chart reading, just counting rows.  

Pattern is Intersections from 52 Weeks of Socks book.  I had the ribbing done on Thursday, and knit the whole rest of the leg waiting on Friday. 

Yarn is Valley Yarn Charlemont that has a little silk in it.  Not sure if I like the pooling, but it is what it is at this point. The pattern would obviously show up more on plain yarn.    These are for my sister in law.

This pic was at 7:00 am before the rain started.  Knitting, playing words and drinking coffee. What more could a girl ask for!

Ruth started a new sweater  !  Yarn is Peace Fleece DK. Color is Blue Jay. Pattern is Morlaix cardi by Regina Moessmer.  The shoulders are done. Lots of short rows.  Now she's increasing for the sleeves. Interesting construction she said.   I like it a lot!

Martha is getting close...oh so close to finishing her sweater.  In her words:

Here’s the sweater or should I say coat? The collar is on the right.  I have to knit 23” on the collar and am about 15” so far. I think I can finish the collar tonight.  The underarms and sleeves I’m waiting to bind off, as per you, to make sure the length is to my liking.  I’m ready to be done with this sweater but don’t want to rush and finish it poorly which, I always regret.  This sweater is Oban by Norah Gaughan published by Brooklyn Tweed.  The yarn is Logwood Sport by Lana Plantea Yarns. Rombiuollet and Alpaca. 

If you look back on the blog, she has been working on this for a very very long time. It's really a masterpiece !


In other news:

Ruth, Martha and I traded flower pictures yesterday.  It was fun. All so different.

Here is an enlarged  picture of mine -- see the little chipmunk sticking his head out of the gutter....I wish I could transport him to Ruth's house!  LOL

Here are Ruth's. She sent several but I'm just adding this one. She has a great perennial garden all around her house.  She puts a lot of work into it.

Here is Martha's. She has a nice mix of colors!

Joe and Joey went fishing yesterday and caught a nice mess of perch!

I need to figure out which sock to work on.  Maybe green on odd days of week and blue on even?  or?  

Have a great week dear blog readers.  Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Heat is On !

 Hi Dear Blog Readers.

Oh my it is really hot here today. No air conditioning. Thank goodness we have the pool.

I worked really hard this week to get the 2nd giant size 13 sock done.

Yarn is Huntington from Valley yarns (Webs).

Size 1.5 needle.  The heel is the two colors held double. When I finished up the heel turn, I switched the bottom needle to size 1.25 because it seemed too stretchy.  Pattern is from Modern Daily Knitting Wanderlust - Double Eyelet Rib. The yarn was extremely splitty. It is soft  though.

Started a pair of socks for mom.  Pattern is "socks of kindness".  I am going to concentrate on this all week.  I have made this pattern before and like it a lot. Free on Ravelry.

Ruth finished up her sweater. 


She is not sure she liked the  linen yarn. I think its super cute.

 Martha reknit one sleeve cuff and is working on the 2nd. No picture this week.

In other news:

I'm so glad we have the pool.  Not sure what we would do without it.

Oh and this is a great reason also:

Happy July 4th!  NO blog post next week.

Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Father's Day 2021

 Hi Dear Blog Readers

Happy Father's Day, 2021 Version.  

I finished the Fern & Feather sweater!  It was an enjoyable knit.  I will post a final update once it's blocked.  It's a nice fit.


Just finished decreases on 2nd sock. - Size 13 foot.  The foot length is as long as the leg = 9".  I'm going to focus on getting this done. I.Am.So.Sick.Of.It !

Ruth's yarn arrived and she is working away on her  Liminal by Nell knits. Yarn is Euroflax linen. Mini skeins.  I think it's super cute!

Martha is done with the sleeves on her Oban sweater but she thinks the 1st sleeve ribbing may have been done on smaller needles, so she may redo the 2nd sleeve ribbing.  Once this is done, she can finish up super fast.  She is almost done teaching school for the year then she can really concentrate on  knitting.

In other news we had a Father's Day picnic at our house.  Yes, another picnic.  Fun was had by all. A small group today.  Kids, mom, dad, brother and sister in law.  

 Mason has two teeth!

And a cute smile !

 Joel and Vicky

The way he looks at  her!

Love this, just missing me and Vicky

Joey can look at this and see his future...look so alike

Mason loved the little pool we set up for him.  A big container with a little water

What 87 looks like - so thankful to have dad


 Have a great week dear blog readers.

Stay safe and be next week.