Sunday, June 13, 2021

Let's Catch Up!

 Hi Dear Blog Readers,

Sorry for the absence last week. We had a party here and I was pooped !

I am sooo close to finishing up the 2nd sleeve on the Fern and Feather sweater.

 Joe t old me the colors look Southwestern...I agree!

Maybe tonight?  if you look close at the bottom of the sweater you can see where I started after I ripped and that new section is not blocked.  Interesting to see it in pictures.

Last week my friend Laurie told me she was going to see her new grandson, Remy in Washington, DC this past Thursday. I had the sweater and hat ready for weeks but no buttons. 

Finally decided on some plain green buttons. I like the little pop of color


I took the yarn and pulled it apart to use as thread for to sew the buttons on.


Omitted the top button, It would have been there at the top. Looked stupid because the pattern had you leave that opening anyway. 

I'm happy with that decision.

I hope Remy's mom liked it. Laurie did!

Ruth started a new sweater!  In her own words:

Pattern is liminal by Nell knits. Yarn is euroflax linen. Mini skeins. I originally wound the skeins in my winder. The balls exploded apart stitches would pop off my needle if I put it down. it was like knitting with wire.  Not fun. I decided to get online to see if I could find any tips.  Of course I could! 😂 tips said to wind balls by hand. Said to wash and if needed put the skeins in the dryer. Said to use wooden or bamboo needles. I did those things and knitting is going much better. Phew!

I like it a lot. Love the color changes.  

Martha is almost done with the 2nd sleeve on her sweater!  I bet she will be done or close by next week!  Lovely!

In other news:

There are a lot of pictures.  Blogger makes it difficult to add them now, and add in a certain order. So they might be a mishmash of things, but here they are:

I touched up some tables, chairs and planters with spray paint. They look so fresh!

Planted and ready for the porch

This is in the front of the house

Joe's sister gave me these

These glass tables are new this year. I just love them

Current situation.  I love sitting out here and knitting

Last night I was outside till 8:45pm knitting and back at it at 7:00 am today!


Perennial garden. It looks like a mess (it is) but I love it

New pool

Picnic for mom and Joe's birthdays

The crew came to install the new pool during the picnic!  It was that or wait till July.

This is Joe inside old pool taking it apart, neighbor watching

Site of old pool

Sunset this week...just brilliant !

Fox close to the house when I went to take sunset pictures

Mom, dad and I went to Turning Stone casino  this week. We wore orange so we could find each other easily.  It worked!

Little Mason is such a character.

They visited Bolt island.  Look how long he is for 8.5 months old

Joe and Joey went fishing yesterday and caught a few

Giant fish!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

We Take it for Granted

 Hi Dear Blog Readers...

Happy Memorial Weekend. We have had our heat on!  Summer days are coming next week. Yea.

I finished the body of the Fern & Feather Sweater, and have started a sleeve.  I'm so glad I ripped, it would have been way too big.  The fit will be just right now I think (hope).

 Little 8- month old Mason came to visit me on  Friday.  It was damp and chilly so Tiffany put him in the sweater Ruth made for him (thanks again, Ruth).  I was thinking how wonderful hand knits and especially baby knits are. I think we as  knitters take them for granted.

The knitted fabric moved and grooved with him (he does LOTS of moving and grooving now).  When he wears store bought sweatshirts, they just don't give, are stiff, ride up and just not nearly as nice.  he was so comfortable.
Who wouldn't want to take a nap in this sweater!

My point is:  Don't take what we do for granted.  Even if this wasn't a cute baby and Ruth didn't make the sweater, knitters so some pretty awesome stuff.  Embrace it!

Ruth is working on socks this week!  Uneek sock yarn. Basic sock pattern.  Yarn gifted from Martha. 

I love the colors!  so fun. 

Martha had to rip her sweater sleeve today.  She hopes to have an update next week.

Have a wonderful week dear blog readers.  Happy Summer !

Remember to be kind and stay safe.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

It's a Process

 Hi Dear Blog Readers!

This week I tried on my sweater - again - and decided it was  time to do a quick block.  I did not want the colors to run into the cream color on top so I just put it in tepid water with no wool wash.  Let it sit for a few and took it out. Wrapped in a towel an voila - it was way way way too long. So I put it on a towel to dry and ponder. It was kind of amazing how it cinched up and when it was dry, it was perfect length to start ribbing.  Problem was, it was too wide.  I did too many increases to accommodate my hips.  

So I ripped.  When I rip in stockinette, I always tink back a row or two after the stitches are back on the need to make sure they are in the right direction, no dropped stitches etc.  Feels like i should be much further along with all of the knitting I did last night, but I guess not!

 This picture is after blocking and drying, and before ripping. Notice blue lifeline.

The orange marker is where I started again after ripping. 

 This is a closeup of how nicely the stitches laid down after the soak.

Ruth finished up her hat!  I love the colors. It is sooo nice!

Da crofters kep pattern. Jamieson and Smith Shetland yarn. 

Today is Martha's birthday!  Happy Birthday, Martha!

She is still plugging away on her Oban sweater. Almost done. Issue with sleeve.  She is going to study stitch count tonight and figure it out.

Have a wonderful week dear blog readers. Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

It Fits Me ..... It Fits Me Not

 Hi Dear Blog Readers,

This week I've worked exclusively on the Fern & Feather Sweater.  Unusual for me to work only on one project.  I get bored. VERY bored.  This week, however, I didn't seem to. Out of the five nights I was able to knit out of the last seven, I think I put the sweater on a string and tried on....five times!  LOL  I am very hippy and I want it to look good, but not huge or tight. In the end, it will be fine.  I hope!  The blue thread is a lifeline.  The space between the green markers is what I knit yesterday. Felt like I had a LOT  of time to knit. Hours. Does not look like much does it?

The 2nd green marker to the needle is what I  knit today. Not much.   Really can't get bored when I keep thinking ...will it fit me?  won't it?    LOL

Ruth has started the decreases on her Da Crofters Kep by Wilma Malcolmson. A kit from the Elegant Ewe.

It's a free pattern on Ravelry. I love her colors.! 

Martha is plugging along on her Oban sweater. Working on the first sleeve.  Her days are long and she is tired so not much knitting during the week ( I totally understand!!).   Martha said the sweater is going to be big.  Not too big, but nice  like an blanket big!  It's lovely !

In other news:

This weekend was lovely in Western NY.  I hung  laundry outside to dry both days.  Washed a lot of windows besides all of the regular cleaning.  This coming week should be nice weather also!  YEA!

I'm off to try the sweater on again do a few things before I settle down to knit for the night.

Have a great week dear blog readers. Stay safe and be kind.