Sunday, December 27, 2009


I was looking at my 2009 Finished Objects list and it is impressive, lots of socks, but only two sweaters. This was a challenging year for me and my knitting. Starting the new job created lots of tired nights and no knitting. I think 2010 I will work on quality things I love! I really need/want to finish mom's sweater. I am off now till January 4th, and will dig it out one day and really think about what I need to do. I started a pair of "mostly" brainless socks for Joe on Christmas Eve. I wanted something to work on during downtime at Christmas. The yarn was purchased at Rhinebeck; a merino/bamboo blend. Joe really likes the bamboo, because it wicks the moisture from his sweaty feet. I had wanted to give him more than one pair at Christmas, but oh well!
The pattern is K6, Seed 3. I think these will be shorter socks, because I only have 420 yards.

I got the Brioche book from my brother for Christmas. I was pretty excited, since it was not
supposed to be out till mid-January. This book is not for the faint of heart. But it is nicely
laid out. Lots of tutorials, stitch guides, and then patterns. It is like reading a foreign language.

Joe got me a nice Canon camera for Christmas. Yea!
We had a nice Christmas. Sandy and Destiny were here from N.C. Destiny has grown - again!
When you see the pictures, you will notice she is the tallest of the bunch, except for maybe Joey.


Destiny, Mom and Dad:

My brother Joel, and Joey (checking out Joey's Christmas gun from Santa):

My sister-in-law Vicky, who loved her "socks of kindness" socks:

Joe and Tiffany:

Tiffany and Destiny:

Joe's sister Donna, her boyfriend Jeff, and oldest daughter Mandy

Middle sister, Jeanine, who hosted Christmas dinner this year:

Little sister, Mindy, and her boyfriend Rich:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Knitting my fingers to the bone!

I'm knitting my fingers to the bone to try and get the Christmas socks done.
I have 2-3 more repeats and then decrease for the toe, and then blocking.
I really wish I could take this week off of work to get done. The yarn is from
Hemlock Fibre Fest- Maple Creek Farm - silk/bamboo/wool. The pattern
is Socks of Kindness, found on Ravelry. These are some of the
nicest socks I have ever made. Good combination of yarn with pattern. Wish
you could see them in person. I have some more of that yarn from Rhinebeck
this year.

Ruth finished up the Tomten...I love her choice of buttons!

Martha made a pretty cowl of of silk/cashmere/wool yarn we dyed when
we were at her house for her sister-in-law.
Very very nice!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year dear blog readers!

I am off between Christmas and New Years. I hope to sit on my
fat a** and knit knit knit.
Would love to finish up the shawl.....I haven't shared pictures of that in a
long time, but I do work on it quite often.
It has been 10 years already since everyone thought the world was
going to stop when all of the computer systems turned to 2000.
My, how time flies!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Merry Christmas season!

Ruth has mostly finished up the Tomten for her little granddaughter -
she needs to do I-cord edging yet. I think it's adorable!

I finished up the first sock of a pair I'm making for Christmas. This sucker took
me a long time and I am really hoping I can get the other one done. Cross
your fingers for me.

I had a Christmasy weekend. Shopping w/mom, dad and Tiffany.
Fake tree up, real tree up - but not decorated, and the house decorated.
Did not put up as many decorations this year as we hope to be under construction
doing the kitchen on December 26th.

Merry Christmas season everyone!