Monday, October 29, 2007

I need my mojo back!

Update on projects:

1. Dad's socks...think I will run out of yarn, I am just starting to go down the foot and there is not much left. Need to have them finished by Nov 21st.

2. Shrug - Have not touched it in a few weeks, so did a few rows yesterday and yes, I mucked it up and now have to rip, but I am not good at recovering lace...HELP!

3. Baby surprise jacket - I am well on my way on my 2nd is looking as good as the first one....keep your fingers crossed.

I am starting to stress that I will not get my holiday knitting done. I like to make Joe, Joey and Tiffany all something little. When I mentioned this at dinner last night, Joey said don't worry about getting mine done whatever it is.....he does not care for my hand knit items, but I know he would like what I have picked out for him.
Tiffany thinks it's silly to stress about knitting....she obviously does not knit!

Other stuff....Joe spent all day yesterday installing a new dishwasher for me....Tried it out last night and after it ran for almost 2 hours, we decided it needed a little tweaking. The dishes are sparking though!

Saw a picture of Destiny's comment! (ha ha ha) (hi sweetie!)

Have a safe week!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I jinxed myself after my last post talking about knitting euphoria! Damn! I was quite far on my adorable EZ surprise baby sweater, and then I recounted, and was off by 2 stitches....hmmmm....I clearly must have not done a SK2P someplace along the line....So I'll just do a couple of K2togethers ....but EZ is like a puzzle and what if that mucks it up????? So I decided to knit back until I found the error. I have been knitting back for 5 hours, and still have not found it. I am down to Row27 so guess what...I'm starting over. I could have been back to where I started if instead of knitting back, I would have started over in the first place, but who knew it would be so freaking complicated! Can you tell totally upset I am about this? Sweater class is on Saturday morning. Ruth is done with her sweater, as I'm sure most everyone else is and they are probably ready to start their next EZ project. I'll be the dunce of the class....Damn!
Some good news...I have turned the heel on dad's sock and will now wizz away down the foot. That's about all of the knitting I have been doing.

Other news:
Yet another trip to the Emergency Room last week....Joe was bottling wine and pushing a cork thru a bottle. The bottle exploded and Joe's hands went straight down thru the broken glass. Wine (bright purple wine) and glass all over the basement and all over Joe. Thank goodness it missed his face and eyes. He has 4 stitches on his left thumb, 6 stitches on his right pinky knuckle (a tendon was grazed) and more 5 more stitches on his left hand. They are very very sore. Luckily, we were only there for 3 hours which is a fast trip to ER.

The rest of our family is doing well, thank goodness. Fall has been so beautious here....
After watching the fires, I'm not going to complain about cold and snow.....

Have a good week and stay safe.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I have finally finished my green sweater - remember when I first started posting - all I did was complain about the ribbing. I finished the sweater and blocked it on Easter Sunday. It has taken me until now to finally sew it together! I hate seaming! And I always will! There, I said it!

I have been in knitting eurporia lately. I have finished on of my dad's birthday socks and have about 3" done on the 2nd one. I have started an EZ baby surprise jacket, and have started my class project sweater. I really need to concentrate on......all of them! but not enough time in the day. I am most addicted to the baby surprise jacket right now.

My brain is going to be busy this week, so I think my cabled class sweater will be put on hold - I really need to concentrate when I work on that thing.

Other stuff:

No trips to the ER for Joey lately - Yea! It is very fallish here so I made a roast turkey breast for dinner with acorn squash from the garden, and a nice green salad. Mashed potatoes and & gravey and of course cranberry sauce. Yes, it was very yummy!

I will have some pictures to show midweek.
Have a good one and stay safe.