Sunday, February 24, 2019

Small progress

Ruth, Martha and I all have small progess this week.
I had a really tired week, and did not knit every day/night,
which is unusual for me.

 I finished the helmet liner...washed and dryed in the
dryer. Notice the small bit of yarn left over.
Plymouth Select Superwash worsted yarn.

 Worked a little on the sweater just today.  Doing short rows along
the back. Next step is to divide sleeves off onto scrap yarn.
I hope to get some more done today.

In process of making Eye of  Partridge heel flap on
the 2nd sock.
I am itching...yes itching to start something new!

Here is Martha's finished baby sweater and hat.

 This color is much closer.

 She decided to make the new baby's older sister
a sweater.  This yarn has been in her stash for a long time
She said it is very nice!

Straker pattern. Old, but very well written.

 Martha's colorwork sweater is in hibernation until she finishes
the kid projects. She is going to rip and start over.  She has
been researching carrying colors on the internet, and feels like
she has a good method to try now.

 Ruth started a shawl, but her hand started to hurt so
she stopped. Reminder she had thumb/hand surgery almost 4 weeks
ago.  She stopped when it started to hurt. 

In other news....
I've got nothing.  Joe's surgery was 4 weeks ago tomorrow.
His progress is kinda slow.  He is at least on crutches full time now.
he is itchy to do something. We are bracking for a major wind storm
today....let's hope it is not as bad as they say it could be.

Martha's dog Sophie had surgery this week...
Here are details in her own words:

Here is Sophie modeling her new coat! She’s recovering from surgery. She had a big fatty and more tumor removed. Her scar is about 7-8”long. I’ve rigged up this towel coat to stop her itching. If I can watch her I take it off, but otherwise it’s on. She’s very tolerant. I took her to the vet for a recheck. He liked the way her scar was healing and okayed hydrocortisone for the itching. I was nervous about the middle of the scar which seemed to be healing attaching to her body internally, so the skin would not be loose but he seemed to think it was ok. He said he had to go deep in her body to get it all there so he had to stretch her skin a lot to close. Tummy tuck? 😬 I’m waiting on the pathology report to see what the tumor was,I’m assuming cancer because what else would it be, but? She seems very good without it! I’ll keep you updated....  Martha



Here's hoping all of my dear blog readers a safe, KNITFUL week!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Short and sweet

Short post today.....

I gave the sweater a quick dunk to see if the stitches
would even out. They did, mostly, and I think a proper soak
when it's done will make it fine.

While it was drying, I worked on a helmet liner for our
neighbor. He snowblowed all around the house during a recent
snow storm.  About another hour will do it.

Martha is working on her baby sweater, and
it should be done tonight.  See last week's blog for details.

Ruth sent a cute picture of her grandson and daughter in law.
he keeps getting cuter!

How many short and sweet things can you count in this week's
blog?  LOLOLOL

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

More of the Same....

Hey there...
this week has been more of the same.
Winter!  Ice Storm!  Recovery!

I had to go to work this week and did not feel
right about leaving Joe after such major surgery.
He was fine, probably better than I was.  LOL

I finished mom's first sock...
Notice the different pooling on the's ok.
It is very fun yarn...
I am really hoping I have enough for the 2nd one...
 The colors are so fun...
Yarn is from Martha - Lorna's Laces Solemate.

A little progress on Fern & Feather sweater.
Done with increases.
Each row is over 250 stitches.  If I don't have enough of the bottom
brown color, I will have to find one that is darker.
Six more colorwork rows to go

Ruth has no knitting progress due to surgery, so
she sent fun pics. Turkeys out her back window
The second pic is the turkey tracks!
Martha is making good progress on her sweater.
Note she had to do four...yes four! colors at once!
She is about 13" done.

She is going to make this baby sweater for a co worker.
This is hers
That's all I've got this week dear blog readers.
Happy Knitting.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

We survived !

Well, Joe and Ruth both survived surgeries this week...yea!
Joe had total  hip replacement at 9:30 am on Monday, and
was home by 5:00 pm on  Tuesday. Being home has been
a challenge for both of us in different ways. He is doing mostly
good...some days are better than others.  He has a
great attitude!

As mentioned last week, I thought I would have a lot
of knitting time. Turns out not as much as I thought.
Being in the hospital with someone is a lot of work....
doing things the nurses don't have time to do.

Here is my knitting...

Woodland Walk Socks
Fiber Optics Yarn
is it gray? its is tan?  depends on the lighting...
size 1.5 needle
eye of partridge heel
3 leg repeats
3 foot repeats, then rows 1-10
knit 3 rows plain before starting toe decrease
round toe

Made 2nd Yukon Campfire hat
Ribbing size 6
hat size 8
Berocco ultra wool yarn
3.5 repeats of pattern
My favorite model stopped by today to show it off
(now she wants one !)

Made a lot of progress on mom's vibrant socks
Did you ever work on socks and it seems like you
knit and knit and knit and no progress...well this
pair is like that.

For mom, I cast on 72 stitches and because
of her hammer toes, I start to increase down the
foot to 80 stitches.  They fit her perfectly
when I do this.

Worked a little on Fern & Feather sweater.
Ready to switch to larger needle.
Notice that the yarn gets a little darker...that is
on purpose!

Martha has been working on her sweater!
Bistort Pullover
Pattern and yarn are KnitPicks
Yarn Wool of Andes

Pretty blue !

Now to Ruth.
Her surgery on Monday was successful
but very complex. Here is what they did in her
own words:

It's called a basal joint arthroplasty for arthritic joints. They take the bone out of the wrist that supports the thumb bone. They cut the arthritic end off the thumb bone. Then they use a tendon from the forearm and run it through the shortened thumb bone and coil it up in the space left by taking out the wrist bone. This forms a new joint and eliminates the arthritis pain.

I'm impressed she can type all of that with her left hand!

It was kind of eerie when we got up this morning.  Not sure if this
was fog, or fog with icy particles.
But pretty.

Have a nice knitful week dear blog readers....
Stay safe and warm.