Sunday, October 28, 2018

Another Rhinebook post

 Another Rhinebeck has come and gone. It was a very
good time!  We also went to Jill Draper makes stuff
studio...crazy open house.

It was so nice to spend quality time with Ruth
and Martha at Rhinebeck.
They brought finished projects, and I wish you could see
them in person..the photos never seem to do justice to
the finished products.

This is my stash:

Blue/gray yarn for a sweater.
it is so stinkin nice...I dream about patterns
to make with it.  A little souvenier bag,
two sheep cups, and some yarn for mittens.
I was so proud of myself that I didn't buy
sock yarn!

 Here is Ruth's stash:
She got a nice sweatshirt souvinear,
soak wash
ceramic sheep cup, and yarn for a sweater,
and yarn just because...oh and buttons.

 Here is Martha's stash:
All of that yarn is for a patterned
yoke sweater....and a fleece sweatshirt...

 Ruth is traveling this week so no knitting to show.
She has been working on socks, but not thrilled with the
pooling so she was going to rip.

I will be done with these socks before I go to bed....
I love the colors and the pattern.

Martha has been working on this vest:

The red stripe is not as prominent in person as it
looks in the pictures.
I saw it in is really very nice
Noro yarn called Kosumosu, it’s 70% wool, 30% silk

 She is working on these socks for her son...
K3, P1

Tiffany started a baby blanket for her friend
Amber who is having a girl in February:
Bulky yarn on size 11 needles.
So fun!

In other news:
Ruth is traveling to see her new grandson born in
August.  Little Ray.

So stinkin cute!

This week Joe grilled steak for him and
salmon for me.  It was sooo good!

The colors in the Catskills were very green this
year at  Rhinebeck....

Have a good week dear blog readers....This week is
definitely going to be knitting weather !!!!