Sunday, April 28, 2019

Moving along...slowly

I did not have much time to knit this week.
Went to the gym a couple times, and was just
plain tired  And...the rows on this shawl take
a long time.

So I'm reposting this pic from last week because it is the
true color.

Here is this week's progress...
I am on row 32 of 42 for chart #1

I can see a couple of mistakes in there...
sigh...they don't bother me enough to rip back
is that bad?????
I also worked on the sock a little.
Notice the yarn tangle....I'm trying to get as much
out of it as I can before I cut!
Pattern is 10 rows plain, then seed stitch for 2 rows.
trying to break up the pooling, but I don't think
it's working that great.
My brother told me today he would like socks
for Christmas...size 11 ! 
I'm not making Mark socks this year (size 13)..he said
he has enough. Although I was thinking of making him
some ankle socks...maybe a cowl?  Hat?  Not sure.

I still have not woven in the ends on the sweater or
blocked...I need to get that taken care of.

Ruth is moving along on her sweater. One sleeve
done.  it si sooo nice...don't you think?
She is ready to move on to something else.

Martha has been busy with school. She is taking a class,
besides, teaching .... she can't wait to knit enough to share
progress.  We are all waiting for a sweater update!  LOL

Have a good week dear blog readers...
Next week is May already.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Another slowwwwww week

I started a shawl...Llawenydd
 It is from Ysolda / Knitworthy 5.
I have had the yarn for it for a while....
Bartlett yarn sport weight.
I liked the yarn because it looked Rustic like hers.

Maybe a little too rustic.
Poor Ruth has had to listen to me whine all week...
I was unsure if the pattern showed up enough.
but I actually liked decided to carry on.
 Each row takes forever...forever!
There are a lot of things going on with the cables.
And I'm sure most of you are smarter than me.
I look at the grid, find the symbol on the legend, look back...
this one is very complex.
I had to really concentrate to get it right...
this is a bad picture, but you get the drift.

I am on row 17 of a 41 row chart..the next chart is much
I ripped the sock out and have just a few rows done...

Ruth was traveling so no update.
I have not heard from Martha..I know she has some sleeve progress
on her complex  sweater.

We had Easter at our house and I was so busy I didn't take
any pictures, which makes me sad.

I did take a picture of the coffee cups ready to go...
sheep cup collection from Rhinebeck....
they are upside down, obviously, but you get the drift.

Have a good week dear blog readers...hopefully
more updates from the girls next week...

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sleeves !

 Hi there dear blog readers.
I have two sleeves since last week.
One is almost done - six rows to go, but
it was getting late and I wanted to get the blog done.
I hate the way these pictures look on the tile floor, way
too yellowy.

Also made progress on the sock.  Too bad, cause I have to
rip back to the ribbing. OMG.  It's for Joey. I tried it on
and it will fit will be way too tight for him.
Started with 76 stitches, and was supposed to go up to 80
but I went down to 72.  What was I thinking.
I can't face it right now and may need a quick project
between the sweater and starting the sock over.
I will block the sweater next weekend..too much to
do during the week.

Ruth is almost ready to start her sweater sleeves.
She ripped back and took out the pockets.
Sooo nice

In other news.

Martha has been ultra busy this week so no knitting to
show.  Sending her hugs!

I have been to the gym four times this week, and
today did a lot of yard work. My back is feeling it
tonight.  So nice to get outside though.

Have a nice week dear blog readers.
NO blog next week. Ruth is traveling and Joe and I
are going away Saturday thru Sunday afternoon.