Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crazy Knitting

The holidays are approaching - take that back - we celebrate Christmas at my house! Christmas is fast approaching and I have three more gifts to make to complete my list. Husbands present is done, son's is next, then something for Tiffany. Yikes, I better get moving. I did finish a pair of Woodsman's socks for my husband for my Elizabeth Zimmerman class project. We all decided to do something small for the month of November. I am really loving that class: part subject, part teacher, part students and part Saturday morning - all make a winning combination.

Normally, I don't allow myself to have more than three projects started at once. Let's see what I have going:

1. gift
2. shrug - made a mistake an inch back and need help ripping
3. class sweater - I need to really have my head straight to work in that right now.
4. Stole - only work on once in a while - another head job!
5. Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweater
6. Peach biscuit blanket - need to rip back a few rows - no big deal, just don't want to right now.

Update on the camo hats I made earlier this year - hunting season is upon us. Joe and Joel both told me that they love their hats because they keep them very warm, and when it was raining they took the hats off for a while and they dried quickly. What were the hats made of? Something really exotic you're probably thinking......ENCORE! Wash and wear simple stuff!

Other news:
Trans Siberian Orchestra has been blaring in my car - the more I hear it the more I love it. I'm going to try and save enough $$ over the next year so the four of us can go to the concert next year. Another favorite Christmas album of mine is Martina McBride - White Christmas. It is absolutely beautiful and the song choices are all wonderful.

Christmas events coming up:

  • Outing w/mom, dad, Tiffany and Vicky - our dirty little secret - we're going gambling for a few hours while the boys are hunting....we won't spend all the Christmas money, promise!
  • Girlie Night Extravaganza - aka: Giggle Fest....we're all warming up our giggles in anticipation of the big event!
  • Shopping with mom, dad, and hopefully Tiffany. Dad buys lunch, which is monumental!
  • Our Christmas Party for our families - ham dinner with all the trimmings - party starts at 5:00 and the main reason is I can turn the lights down and light the candles so they can't see all of the dust.
  • Shopping day for Joe and I - loads of fun!
  • Our favorite girls come home for a visit from North Carolina
  • Christmas at mom's church
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Collapse!
I'm stressing myself out with this long list and not much time to get it all done so I better stop writing and get going. Have a safe week!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Helix pictures

Promised pictures of Helix camo hat. Notice how the model loves it too.

My fall pretty.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Helix is Addicting

At work there is a collection box for hats and mittens for a local school, so I decided to knit a quick hat. I have lots of scrap yarn that would be perfect. I decided to use the yarn i used for Joel's hat - camo colors. The girls at Friday knitting had been doing some really cool striped socks called "helix" socks and I was able to find a pattern for a hat....

I used 105 stitches to make an adult size - and it was completely and utterly addicting!
I started the hat on Saturday, and finished up Sunday morning - a very fast knit! Well one huge problem was using the camo boys scooped it up and started wearing it...guess I'll have to find some girly colors to knit for charity. I am having major trouble uploading pictures from the camera to the blog so will share the cool pictures next time.

I have not started the holiday knitting yet - I need to get going...

In other fun news:

Joe and I got a new car this weekend - a Toyota Rav4. Very fun ride.
The boys were practicing shooting today - deer season starts next Saturday. I'm
pretty much a hunting widow for 4 weekends. I have a lot of fun things planned this
year to keep me busy.

I have a funny Joey story for you:

A telemarketer called asking for me the other day and he said she clearly was foreign.
He said "I'm sorry she does not speak English anymore". The telemarketer said Ok
I'll take you off of our call list...... I'm actually trying to talk him into being a guest
writer for the blog - he's so funny!

Have a safe week!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Pile

I was looking at my pile of sweaters that I have completed in the last year - four of them - for me that's quite an accomplishment.

I have restarted the EZ surprise baby sweater, and am now, FINALLY, past the point where I was the first time. I'm going to have to put this away I think and concentrate on Holiday gifts. I want to do something for Joe, Joey and Tiffany and am running out of time.

I have 4 inches to go on Dad's socks, and have run out of yarn. The yarn shop is being very nice and will send me what I need. The problem is, I need to have them done by Nov 17th....

Other news:

It has been another beautiful fall week here in Western NY. BUT snow is predicted on Tuesday or Wednesday. yuck! No one has gone to the hospital this week, thank goodness. Joe's fingers continue to heal very slowly and still hurt A LOT. Hunting season starts early this year, and I am so happy about that. We will have 2 full weekends before Christmas to do stuff.