Sunday, November 27, 2011

Busy busy

I have had a busy long wonderful weekend, with not much
knitting. I did manage to finish up the cowl, with the Louise
Harding Silky Wool that Ruth gave me last year.

Pattern: Pashima Cowl from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

I will add more pics next week after it is blocked.

Martha finished up some socks:

This pair below is from CreativelyDyed yarn she
got at Rhinebeck last year.

This pattern was free from the
internet sock pattern site, called Bubble Wrap Socks from the
Http:// It is easy, memorizable, and travelable

Tiffany and I spent a little time at ceramics
this week:

Tiff is working on a Cookies for Santa plate.

and a Moose:

I made a salt and pepper snowman set...
stay tuned for finished product after they
are fired.

We also celebrated my dad's bday:

back to Christmas knitting....till next week!!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Countdown is on to the start of the holiday season.
My holiday knitting is almost complete, I think I will
make the necessary deadlines. This week, I needed a Linklittle "me" knitting. I started the Pashima Cowl that is
in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book.
I am using
the wonderful yarn Ruth got me for Christmas last
year - Louise Harding Grace - Silk and Wool in my
favorite color - teal. Not picture worthy yet, but let
me tell you, this is not a quick knit. Rows and rows of
stockinette - round and round and round and round
of brainless knitting - yea! I tried a few patterns
before deciding on the stockinette, but they took away
from the softness of the yarn.

Ruth did some very nice spinning this week:

A very pretty silk and merino blend from Rhinebeck.

Martha finished up her BSJ and made a hat and
booties to match:

her description:
This is a Baby Surprise Jacket
with some yarn Ann donated to me. And the booties are from sock ends.
that is Greemy Baby Booties which I got off line--Ravelry-- but they
forwarded me onto Blue Prings patterns. Designed by Machelle Salmeen.
The hat is Merino hand dyed, and the pattern is Quick and Easy Baby
Hat. I would agree with that. I made it is less than an evening.

Wednesday I am spending the day with Tiffany making
pies and rolls. We might go to the Pottery store if there
is time.

Ruth is making rolls for Thanksgiving at her in laws, and
Martha is enjoying having EmmaLouise home.

We are all enjoying our inner domestic goddess this
time of year##$%^^&.

Happy Knitting

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another F.O.

I finished up Betty's Bella Mittens this week.

They are blocking.

Pattern: Bella's Mittens - free on Ravelry
Needle: Two Size 8 circs
Yarn: Valley Yarn - Northampton Bulky

(Betty picked this color - chocolate - to go with a cream
color coat - I don't want you to think I would purposely
give someone brown mittens. She picked it way back
in the winter when I made my Bella mittens, and I'm
hoping she has forgot about them).

I may not have an awful lot to show between now and we'll hope Ruth and Martha have a
lot to share!!

Martha finished up her first Baby Surprise Jacket....
she used stash yarn. It is not quite sewn together
in these pictures....

Ruth is working on an adorable! hat from Piecework
magazine...hopefully pictures next week.

Ruth is at Martha's this weekend.....

I made some onion yeast rolls today--recipie in
Real Simple magazine. They are so good !!

Also made a big pot of chicken noodle soup...

The fall weather has been sooo wonderful this
year...I hope it stays nice.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Well November is here already! Holiday knitting is in full swing!
This week I have finished up Betty's 1st mitten and have the
2nd one 1/2 done. This is the Bella mitten pattern, and
Valley Bulky yarn.

I will do both thumbs at once....

Ruth did some awesome spinning this week - I got to
see it in person yesterday.

It is Persimmon Tree Farm roving. Wool, mohair, and alpaca with
glitz in Fall Harvest color. I cant' describe how wonderful it is.

Last week I went to a Ceramic studio with my friend Laura.
I made a bowl, and think I will make 3 more to have a nice
set. It was kind of brainless creativity. Tiffany wants to
come with me next time.

That's it dear blog readers. I have a few more things
to knit for Christmas...wish me luck.