Sunday, November 29, 2009

Special Stuff

I am very privileged to be the proud owner of some two-ply yarn that Ruth spun from our trip to Rhinebeck. I believe it is Romney, but I could be wrong. I washed it and wound into cakes today.
If I calculated right, I have about 300 yards. (I think Martha has some, too). Thanks ,Ruth.
Now I need to decide what to make. Joey said I should dye it because whatever I make will get too dirty looking. Joe helped me unwind a huge tangle on the swift and decided it is perfect sock yarn for him. Now that I think of it, it is similar to LopiLite--he has one of my first socks made from the LopiLite. It is too precious for socks, but I'm not telling him that. This picture is awful.

I finished up my Sister-in-Law Donna's socks. Very plain jane socks. Made from Dream in Color Smooshy. I had a lot leftover, which I would have made them a little longer. Her birthday is on Christmas Eve, so these are birthday socks, not Christmas socks.

I also finished up a quick hat in worsted Malabrigo for Joe. The color is blue/teal.
I did a lot of ribbing so he can be nice and warm.

I am working on some other socks and an experiment. More later.....

Martha made her son Tom some fingerless alpaca gloves.
Pattern: Urban Necessity, by Colleen Michele Meagher, which was published in Mag knits
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca-Light knitted on size 5 needle

I love these. They are so professional!

Ruth is still working on the Tomten jacket for her granddaughter, and she has
started an Anne Hanson sock pattern.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Tiffany and I went shopping on black Friday and had
a blast. Bargains galore! Not a very knitful weekend, but oh well, there is always
next weekend.

have a happy week!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday knitting season is here!

Actually I've been making presents for a while, I just don't have much to show for it.

I am almost done with the purple socks for Joe's sister. Started a hat for Joe,
Mitred mittens for Betty that may or may not get done. Mom's sweater may or
may not get done. I am going to concentrate on it over the Thanksgiving holiday
and make a decision.

Ruth is almost done with her granddaughter's Tomten...very cute.

I will have a picturlisciuos post next week after the long holiday, hopefully a mass
of FO's.

Happy Knitting..stay tuned.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

French Press Slippers Rock!

I whipped up the French Press Slippers in no time last weekend - and sewed them together on Monday. Pattern can be purchased here:

I used some old (and I mean old 4+ years) Elann Highland Wool yarn I had in the stash. There is enough yarn left to make Tiffany a pair. I did not want to give her the first pair as they were experiments. I have to get some fabric paint to put on the bottom so they are not so slippery.
I made the medium size. I really thought I screwed up and was going to have to give them to someone with big feet but I just kept felting and felting and eventually they became my size!

I got gauge with size 15 needles - can you say uncomfortable! I adore them and will wear them often - always take slippers along to the holiday gatherings so this year I have some real special ones to bring.

The 2nd purple sock is almost done - I'm cruising down the foot - I will save that for brainless knitting this week.

My friend Marcia recently completed her very first sweater. She did yoke sweater with knitted in sleeves. We used the EZ percentage system to figure out the size. I am so proud of her - it fits perfectly. She used a superwash wool from KnitPicks. I wish you could see it in person - it is
absolutely stunning.

Ruth and Martha are on a sister weekend so no updates from them. I know Ruth has been spinning a lot this week, and I have not heard from Martha. I'll let you know what's brewing
with them next week.

Happy Knitting.......stay safe.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

An update, at last!

Up and Running at last!

Ruth, Martha and I went to Rhinebeck and had a wonderful time. We spent most of Saturday there, and we were cold! But the cold brought out the fashion show....meaning, most everyone that walked by was wearing some wonderful piece of handknit finery. Most of it was absolutely stunning. We stayed in Kingston. When we had continental breakfast at the motel, we met some other women who came on a bus. They were from the "north country" in New York.
Here are a few pictures of our finds:


Most of the yarn I got is for socks. The soft gray is oh so soft and will be a sweater for me
...some day.

Don't you just love the mugs! My tea tastes so much better.

The medium size bag was a real find...not very expensive,
lined and oh so cute!


Ruth got a lot of "stuff" to wind and spin.

this batch had a lot of gold color to it and it wonderful.

She got bags and bags of stuff and I'm not sure what the proper name for
all of it is....but I know she will be busy for a long time spinning!


This is a vest she made prior to Rhinebeck that she wore there. She got the buttons at
Rhinebeck. the vest was fab and fit well.

this is a picture of the back of the buttons, she puts felt on the
back and it makes a nice sturdy edge....
this is the technique:
Connie I tried to take a close up of the reinforcement and it came out blurry. Basically, I try to make the circle of wool felt the same size as the button and button band. I Blanket stitch it on and then sew on the button through the felt. That is the "technique".

She got lots of goodies, including a sheepskin throw, mug and yarn.

Ruth and Martha purchased the pattern for Yarn Harlot's Pretty Thing cowl.
Martha made one and gauge was a little off, and then she made a 2nd one
that looks great on her. The baby doll was a nice practice piece, don't you think!

I just finished up an eyelet cowl from a little piece of cashmere I got at Rhinebeck.
from Ellen's Half Pint store.

I adapted the pattern from a stitch pattern in The
Harmony Guide Lace and Eyelets, page 43,
Eyelet Twist Pattern. Cast on 104 stitches, got almost
3 pattern repeats. Two rows of garter on each edge.
I need to block it so some of the stitches lay properly.

I am sure glad the computer is up and running...I really missed
it. Posts will be kept up on a regular basis now.

It is in the 60's here in Western NY today and so nice out.
I've washed windows and have wash on the line. Started a pair
of felted slippers. Not sure how they will turn out....more next week.