Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Knitting Whisperer

I saw Ruth at dinner last week and showed her my shawl.
She tol me it was very pretty and I had to get it done for
the wedding. She is my knitting whisperer. I keep hearing
her voice when I'm working on the shawl...
Thanks, Ruth!!!!
Only one repeat done this week for a total of 5.

Ruth finished up her beautiful beautiful shawl!
I think it looks amazing all blocked. (see last week for details).

Martha is working away on her sweater.  Nautical Stripe Cardigan
from sock scraps.
She is not sure if she is liking the colors. I bet it will look great when
she gets a bit further along.

We had a picnic Saturday for Joey's birthday.
Beautiful day.

 KeeLee was loving all of the
food that dropped on the ground.

No post next week - Labor Day. See you in 2 weeks with
more shawl progress....

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another Summer Week Gone

Summer is Fleeting.  Sigh.
I managed to get two repeats done on the shawl.

15".  Slow going for sure. I stop and count in between each
marker to make sure I have 23 stitches. If not, I know there is a
problem.  Saves a lot of tinking back later on for sure.

I keep thinking that the more I knit, the more inches per repeat
I will get...but NO. Still the same.  LOL

Worked on the brainless socks during a long drive this
week. Socks that rock yarn - gifted to me from Ruth.
Started picking up stitches around sweater.
Slow going.  Not my thing for sure.
Ruth and Martha are having a girls weekend
so no updates from them. 

In other news:

A picture of veggies from Joe's garden

He made fried zucchini for dinner, and we put some
of my homemade salsa on it. Delish!

Last night we went for a quick dinner near the
canal and afterward he wanted to feed the ducks.

It was such a nice peacful night, after a big rain.
The ducks were happy.
So pretty out.
I love summer!

Have a great week!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sloooooow Going

 I have started a shawl that I hope to have done
for Tiffany's wedding, but I don't think I will
I'm loving the blue sparkly yarn.
 This is a truer color.
This is 8" with two repeats done.
It took me all of this week to do the one repeat.
Seven weeks till the wedding.
Not gonna happen.

Marduta Shawl

Also started a pair of vanilla socks in Socks that Rock
Just for brainless work when I need it.
 Ruth is working on a nice shawl.
Schaeffer Anne yarn which she said is a little itchy.
Pattern is Ginko Shoulderette Shawl.

So pretty!!

Martha finished up a pair of vanilla sock...very colorful$

She is also working on a colorful sweater....

In her own words since she can explain
better than me:
This sweater I'm making from sock ends. It's kind of wild colors.
 I'm trying not to get too worried about the color clashing,
 because I'm channeling my sister, Anna, who loved color.
 Also if you'll look at the pattern the first color combo is
 bright. This sweater is called Nautical Striped Cardigan
 by the blog Knit a Bit, Crochet Away. No name on the blog! 
I'm going for a colorful lighter weight sweater. I have one 
that's getting pretty ratty so I'm hoping this is my substitute 
and it'll go with jeans and any other colored shirt. BIK Martha

It's been so hot here. So very very hot.  Hard to knit.
Hard to sleep.  We don't have any air conditioning in
our house.  Just a pool to jump into to get cool.

In other news.

Joe went fishing last week and caught
a nice meal.
KeeLee continues to be cute!

 I mentioned that Tiffany got me a cheese board
for my bday. It's the perfect size for Happy Hour.

Have a good week.
Stay cool!