Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sweaters, Interrupted

Tiffany's poor feet have been freezing, so I interrupted my sweaterS to make her a pair of felted clogs. Started Thursday, will be ready for felting tonight. Just have to sew on the 2nd bottom. I don't normally like to knit things twice, due to the boredom factor. But after making the boys, the girl size was a piece of cake and went much faster. I knit the two bottoms in different colors, it gives a nice accent on the edge. I started doing this to use up stash yarn. The bottom is knit in 2 strands of Lambs Pride which I am liking a lot. It's very soft and I'm wondering if it would make a good sweater? Anyone? The color is off, it's really a dark pink color. The bottom is a dark blue and the middle layer a teal color. Very girly!

The EZ sweater has 11ish inches done on it - brainless knitting which is always good.

This is the little sample I made to see if I like the color combinations I
picked for the top of the sweater.

My class sweater is coming along - slow but sure. Have to have my brain engaged
when I'm working on this one.

Other News:

Joe and I went to see "The Bucket List" this weekend. It was a very good movie, but
trust me, all of the funny parts were on TV. This is not a comedy, but definitely
a drama and I cried like a baby at the end.

It was such a beautiful evening last night - Abbey and I took a little walk, she
did good - she lasted about 20 minutes with me. She usually stops before I do--
has to come in the house to see what everyone else is doing.

Hoping for a nice dull week - stay safe!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


It's cold out today...brrrrr - temp is a whopping 10 degrees. I am so glad I finished my brioche scarf! Jeannine fixed it and it did not take too long to whip it up. It is sooo soft and luscious around my neck - as you will recall, I made out of Classic Elite Lush yarn. It looks perfect with the coat mom got me for Christmas.

It may be a while before I can show any finished projects, but I'll be able to show you some sweaters in progress - yes sweaterS - working on two of them...crazy - yea!.

There is chili in the pot and a fire in the stove - life is good. Stay safe.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Off to a Good Start!

I'm off to a good start with my 2008 knitting. I have two finished projects ! The first one is the Elizabeth Zimmerman Surprise Baby Sweater. Its' called a surprise sweater because when you finish knitting, it looks like this:

And when you fold it, it looks like this before buttons,

and after buttons:

I like how it turned out. I don't have a little girl to give it to yet.

I also finished Joe's socks. These socks got me thru the holidays - mindless knitting -
love it. He has not taken them off since I finished them....and they fit inside of his
work boots which is what I was hoping for. He has "sock" issues and has trouble
finding ones he likes. The yarn was Austerman Step which has Aloe Vera and
Jojoba Oil infused in the yarn - very soft.

I worked on my class sweater a bit today and think I am back in the groove.

Saturday at EZ class we talked a lot about our next projects - I will be starting my
sweater soon.

Other News

It was springlike here in Western NY today - birds chirping, and the air smelled
like April - very wonderful. The kids are almost done with their winter break and
will head back to college soon....which I think is a good thing. Tiffany is excited.
Joey, is not.

Have a good week - stay safe.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Old UFO's

I made this list before Christmas to show myself how crazy I was for breaking my 3 project rule.
Not much progress, sad to say.

1. gift - complete
2. shrug - made a mistake an inch back and need help ripping - this one I may need help with - just sticking a needle in the non lace row and I can be on my way again.
3. class sweater - I'm ready to work on this again
4. Stole - only work on once in a while - not in a hurry to finish - a once in a while project
5. Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweater - just needs buttons!
6. Peach biscuit blanket - need to rip back a few rows - no big deal, just don't want to right now.
I was going to rip this whole thing, till Tiffany saw it and thought it was I may
try to rescue it. I actually use my white biscuit blanket a lot to keep bread, rolls and of course biscuits, warm.

New Additions:

7. pair of socks for Joe in Treckking - almost finished.

8. Elizabeth Zimmerman class - starting a colored yoke sweater.

Brioche scarf - Jeannine fixed it so I can be on my way again. I am making it in Classic Elite Lush and it is definitely lushious! to work with.

I actually need to get some of the smaller stuff done so I can concentrate on my 2 sweaters.

Other news:
We luckily survived the windstorm on Wednesday. A few large branches down is all. I still have a lot of friends at work without power. Hoping they get it back soon.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Old and New

A long overdue post...I couldn't write about the presents I was making cause I wanted them to be a surprise.

Our holidays were wonderful and exhausting. It was great to see family! It was so great to be home. Joe and I have not had this many days home together in a year - it's been wonderful. We have hardly done a thing - just sitting around vegging - and resting our muddled brains.

I made this hat and scarf for Tiffany. Not the best picture but this is early Christmas morning - what can you expect. The scarf if out of One Skein. I modified one side and made it seed stitch so it wouldn't curl The other side is a cable with ribbing inbetween the ends. It was very easy and great for lunchtime knitting. I found the hat pattern on Ravelry: Asminah's Hat.
The yarn is Unikat - made in Germany - color Earth, purchased at Spirit Works yarn shop.

I made the boys each felted clogs. Joey absolutely loves his. Joe's are a bit tight. These are a few pictures of Joey's. Joey's are a teal blue. Joey felt like modeling. His legs are not that fat - (but they are that hairy!). They are made out of a nice felting yarn - had to use three strands held together - I can't for the life of me remember the name of it and can't find the ball bands. I have yarn to make Tiffany some pink ones. Mine will be a combination of all the leftover yarns.

Joe went to Spirit Work to do some shopping for me this year. Yea! He got me a cute little Spirit
Work tape meaure, a book: Box of Knitted Sweaters, and a KnitWits Hat Kit. From Barnes & Noble, he got me the Handknit Holidays book, which I had requested. And on his own, he got me the Holiday Knits book. Needless to say, I was impresssed.

I bought some Luxe yarn by Classic Elite to make a scarf to go with the coat mom got me for Christmas. The color is a very pretty cranberry - did not photo well. I decided to do a brioche stitch and it is - was - coming a long so beautifully - that yarn is so amazing - but when I added a new skein I didn't like my join and decided to tink back and restart at the join. Well, tinking back brioche stitch is not easy and i mucked the whole thing up. I am so PISSED! at myself. Hoping Jeannine can help.... I have 20 inches done, and would have been able to wear it to work tomorrow if I hadn't screwed it up!

I have been working on my baby surprise jacket - and should have the knitting part done tonight.

I have also finished one sock for Joe. A very brainless easy pattern to get me thru the holidays
so you see, I have been a busy knitting girl, just not writing about it.

The kids got me a spirit work gift certificate which I used to purchase yarn for my Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater....a color work patter at the yoke. More about that later.

Some family photos:

Mom and Dad's dog - Ivy

My brother's family: Joel, Sandy, Vicky, Destiny.
Notice Destiny is taller than Vicky.

My kids:

Mom and dad:

Happy New Year - Here's hoping 2008 is a good one.

Stay safe!