Sunday, June 30, 2019


I love the word Stuff,...don't you?
It can mean so many things !

I have the baby sweater done, just have to add buttons.

 I started a little hat to match. But with baby clothes,
who knows if it will fit at the same time!

The KnitPicks yarn finally came
I love the red toe.
Gives it a nice pop, I think.
A small start to the 2nd one.
These are for Joey.  he was here yesterday and we had
a deep conversation about his socks.

Joey:  I've been wearing the socks you made me more.
Me:  Great!  The company that made bamboo silk yarn went out of
    business....I have to patch the yarn together to make it look nice.
Joey: I don't care how it looks.  why didn't someone else use that
    same formuala...for people like me who have sweatey feet.
Me:  I don't know. There is other yarn I can get with
   just might not be the same.
Joey:  Oh. It better be.  I love the silky feel of it on my feet.

Gotta love a kid who loves the socks you make him!

Ruth finished up her sweater!  Looks so beautiful!

Martha has been working on socks, waiting for Knitpicks yarn to
come so she can finish sweater.
Here is pattern:

In other news:

I made pizza tonight...yes, I make the crust homemade

So good!
Martha has a new dog...Betsy!
Rescue dog from Texas.
She is currently in the blanket basket:
She looks like a sweety heart....

have a great week dear blog readers.

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Man, this week went quick!
Not sure where we left off in the sweater adventure,
but the 2nd sleeve is almost done. I will probably
finish up tonight.

 I'm so glad I did ribbing instead of garter.

Knitpicks yarn is still not here.
I did a little digging and found this:
Note is now says: Delivery Date unknown.
Originally said it "should" arrive by June 20th.

I found some size 0 needles and started the 2nd sock
until the red arrives...if it does.
thank goodness this is not an emergency!
I really did not knit much this week.
Too much to do outside...and of course work makes
me so tired.

Ruth has one sleeve done on her sweater!
So so so nice!

Martha has both sleeves attached, and the rows
are now taking her a lonnnngggg time...
It's a beauty! In her own words:
Ok here’s a pic of the sweater after I connected the sleeves. I’ve knit about 5 more slow rows since then and  I need more wine colored yarn. I ordered more so I’ll see how long that takes to arrive.The yarn is knit picks wool of the Andes sport weight. The sweater pattern is Bistort. I’ll take a pic of it now and send it separately

In other news:

Tiffany and I went to Phoebe's Minnie Mouse  themed
birthday party yesterday - she's two already!
Note the red converse sneakers.

 Joe and Joey went fishing in Lake Ontario yesterday.
Nice little mess of fish.

 Joe sent me this picture of the water. Looks like a nice beach, huh.
I wish you could zoom in on the brown. It's actually the lake.
From all of the rain and high water levels.

When I don't have much to write about, there
are always flowers this time of year

and of course, my little Mickey!
Martha was two weeks without a fridge..she was using a small
classroom fridge. Here is her new one...she loves it!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

My Three Hobbies

Hi there,
I think I have three main many do you have?

1.  Knitting. My favorite for sure.
2 and 3 are about equal - buying yarn and browsing / buying patterns.

I have discovered this week that I really need to knit more, and browse/buy
less.  I have so much stash, I need to "knit it down".

Crazy, huh!

I was home sick this week with some kind of bug.
I have been looking for the Jill Draper yarn purchased at her
sale Rhinebeck weekend. Since I didn't have a picture on the
blog, I didn't know what I was looking for.  I have a
"Rhinebeck" drawer, and try to knit from this first, because
otherwise, why go?  (Well lots of reasons...but still).....
I did not find it in there.  I took apart 2 or 3 (or 6 ) more bins
and could not find it.  That made me realize that I really need
to knit down, or get rid of some yarn if I really don't intend
to ever knit with it.  One of the problems is, I have really really
nice yarn.  Not junk to dispose of.
Anyway, I took the whole Rhinebeck drawer apart today and
finally found the yarn. I must have wound it  months ago.
Ruth will be happy to hear this as I've complained to her all week.
It will make a nice shawl. It is green, not the blue it looks like here.
And the ball band must have gotten wrecked because I hand wrote this:

I did not knit much this week, just did not feel well enough.
I did manage to get the sock to the point of decreasing for the toe.
Then I realized it would look really cool with a red toe.
More stash diving. No red fingering weight with a little nylon.
So ordered from Knitpicks...and as I'm sure you know they have
super slow shipping.  They can not be knitters there, or they
would realize that all orders should be treated as RUSH!  When
you need it you need it! And when you want it you need it!
Finally picked up the baby sweater again.
Got the first sleeve finished, and I think it's too big. My hand
fit thru it.  And though I have small wrists...I think still too
big for a baby/toddler.
When I redo it, I'm going to use ribbing for the sleeves.
Even though collar and bottom are garter stitch, the ribbing
makes more sense to me for a kid.
Sigh......  :)

Ruth is almost done with the ribbing on the bottom of her
beautiful sweater!  So nice!!!!

Martha is on vacation, so I did not want to bother her and ask
for blog update.  I hope you are having fun, Martha!
Well deserved for sure.

In other news.....
Ruth is watching her niece's dog, Moxie, while she vacations
with her family (Martha).
Cutie, huh!
I was cleaning out a closet today and tossed a coat on the
floor . Zipper is wrecked and not worth fixing.
Two minutes later Joe called me to come look at the coat.
LOL.  Not sure how Mickey knows when there is something new and
soft to sit on. Must be some kind of cat radar or something.

What are your hobbies?
Is your stash too big?  Just right?
I need more people to knit for I guess.  I can only use
so many "neck things"....LOL

I hope the weather is nice where you are.  Things have not
been too good here in Western NY.   But, we don't have flooding
or tornadoes, so counting our blessings for sure.
Have a good week dear blog readers...

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Uninspired this week

 Hi dear blog readers!
I was very uninpired with knitting this week.
This little tiny heel flap beginning is all I have
done.  Not sure what's going on im my brain.
I've been very tired due to work and a summer cold.

I only have two rows on the first sleeve of the baby sweater, seems
like I could get my head around finishing that. I found some
buttons that are not inspiring at all...I think I need to keep looking.

Ruth is working away on her sweater...Nice!!!!

Martha is now able to work on her 2nd sweater sleeve.
Bistort Pullover Pattern with Knitpicks yarn

Look how complex it is

In other news...
the flowers have been inspiring me.
I keep re-arranging to see what combos I like best  :)

I painted this table blue
and this one gray
Joe has been working like a dog all day.
Do you have helicopters from maple trees?
they are so thick this year.
He got up on the roof and cleaned the gutters, they
were jam packed full and he is worried about the large
amount of rain coming tomorrow.
Well a lot of the ones on the roof fell into the flower bed.
Nothing he could have done about it.
I  can't even think about how much energy that will take to
clean them out. I'm waiting until they are done falling.

Luckily, the patio cleans up good with the blower.
Can't use the blower in the flowers...will wipe them out.
(Ask me how I know!)

I hope you have a more inspiring week than I have had.
Happy knitting this week!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Not much different

Hi there dear blog readers....
Welcome to June!
I have not knit much at all this week...pretty tired after work.
here is the sweater sleeve...hardly any more done!

I worked a few rows on the sock...this is the sock I had all done
and decided it was too small.
Here is Ruth's sweater....
colorwork is so nice.
 Humulus by Isabelle Kraemer.
Yarn is Jill Draper Makes Stuff Mohonk in
spring grass and charred coal colors
Sooo nice.  That is a lot of detailed
colorwork going on.
She has also been working on some cute socks.
  Lyn Socks by Dawn Henderson. 
She says the color in the photo is too bright. Yarn is Spun
Right Round dyed in Rochester. I can't find the band with the color.
So cute

In other news....

I was busy planting this week. And spray painting
pots. I painted the pink, blue and gray pots.
They were pretty bad looking..the paint really
perked them up.

 Here are a few more:
not sure i like the pink stool....
may have to tone it down a bit
the big blue pot is newly painted.
It was a very dull green before
I also painted a couple of tables, but they are not
dry enough for pots yet.
It as very rainy here this morning...

Had a party for mom and Joe's birthdays today.
Liam is a November baby...but he got a cupcake
and candle too.  :)
Tiffany out did herself on the desserts this time.

Have a great week, dear blog readers.
I hope it is acting like summer where you are, cause
it sure isn't here!