Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fishless Post....

 The Sunnyside Cardigan is done!
Made for baby Mia.
Made size 6-12 month, but used worsted weight yarn
Plymouth Select Merino Superwash color Periwinkle (purpleish)
Size 7 needle, rather than the fingering weight
called for.
I estimate its a size 2.

She is due  April 5th.  I hope it fits her when it's
cold. It's so hard to tell with babies.
 I knew I wanted a bigger size...they tend to fit
longer.   I'm in love with the ladybug buttons.

 I like the pattern a lot.  Easy to follow.
I used most of 2 leftovers.

Another little girl due end of June.
I did not want to make the same sweater,
so this is Granny's Favourite
making size 6 months,
larger yarn and needles.
 Yarn is Valley Yarns Haydenville...
60% Superwash Merino
40% Acrylic Microfiber.
Nice and soft, and easy to work with.
I have just split sleeves.
 Finished the first giant size 13 sock.
Have ribbing done on 2nd one.

 3 stitch twist

Keelee loves all of the knitting this weekend...
We get to snuggle.

Ruth is doing the button band on her sweater:
then it will be done!
Martha has a few more colors to do on her baby blanket.
I love the colors:
Reminds me of a stained glass window
She said about a week more and it will be done.

No fishing this weekend for Joe...the weather did not cooperate.
No blog next week..we will be on vacation...
Happy knitting dear blog readers....we will chat in 2 weeks.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Where does the time go?

 Where does the time go?  Seems like I've been
working on this Sunnyside baby sweater way too long.
Only a couple more rows to go on the body
pattern, 6 garter and done.

Not much to show for a week of knitting, but I've
had a tired week.

Ruth is working on the sleeves of her sweater...
so nice.  See the pattern on the bottom?

Martha is making up the pattern for her current
sock yarn blanket
Pretty cool, huh!

So where have the last 30 years gone?
Tiffany will be 30 on Tuesday.  I wish I had a better
picture of her....we had a little party for her today.
Joey's friend Emma will be 5 the day Tiff turns 30,
so we had a party for both of them.

Adriana is 6 soon to be 7

Their mom, Giulia, and Joey

Not very flattering pic....but its us

Have a great week, dear knitters...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

On Hold for a moment

 I was sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself a few weeks ago...
who knows why. I was reading the Sundara yarn email I get
everyday.  She takes a pictures of nature, and makes yarn
the same colors....

 These were enchanting to me. I loved the pop of spurr of the moment I ordered it.
 Sundara Yarn color Love like Lightening

My yarn came and I quickly wound it into a skein.
The colors are amazing, but I will admit I am very
disappointed in the orange...there is hardly any.

I decided that I would not just stash it...I bought it and I would
use it.  After searching Ravelry for patterns, I came up with
Estelle Gladstone Chunky Accordian cowl.

 It uses purl rows and short rows so it is very scrunchy on your
neck.  The colors are much more vibrant than the pictures
show.  This is the longer short row side

 The shorter side

 Quick knit..started yesterday and finished today...
This is a pic unblocked:
It is 12" long laid out unblocked...very soft, scrunchy and
really nice.   

My fingers turned pink when knitting...
so I was not surprised to see the water turn pink when I washed it.

It stretched a lot, so I put in dryer for 20 minutes....we'll see what happens.
All in all a satifying knit...

Baby sweater:  I decided to knit the sleeves first, so I did not play
yarn chicken...
I will start the other sleeve tonight. I had the sleeves done and
decided it was way to wide, so ripped most of it back and
started over...
Pretty happy with the results now. 

Ruth is working away on her sweater. I saw it in person yesterday
and it is really lovely.
She is starting the bottom patterning now....

Martha is working on a baby blanket.
Nice !  Not sure of pattern..will add that next week.

In other news:

Ruth and I were talking about this article that shows
how to dye yarn at home...the easy way:

and the more we talked about it, the more we thought it might be possible
to do it at Rhinebeck in our hotel room....(if you work for the hotel (unnamed)
that we usually go to..we are just kidding).  But....I think it
would work!!!!  Martha: what do you think?

Joe went fishing yestedray, and left early so we could have a date
night.  He is sorry he left...I am sorry for him but glad I got a date..
it's been a while and I need them.

He didn't do too bad for a half day:

His friend that stayed  got 4 gallons of fish...think about that...
its a lot!!!

Rain snow rain ice today here....KeeLee was not thrilled
that she had to wear her raincoat, but it really keeps her

Have a great week, dear knitters...

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday and Knitting....

Wow, superbowl is here again...We are controlling the
snacks this year...Joe wanted to cook a steak dinner and
have minimal snacks which is fine with me.

Made a little progress on Mark's sock. If that was for me
I'd almost be decreasing for the toe...a long way to go!

Last week I mentioned I started a baby sweater.
The parents like lavendar and gray, so I started with a gray
collar.  Made a mistake that meant tinking back about 8 rows.
I was not really in love with the gray collar, so I
Marthaed it and ripped the whole thing.  That was Mon - Thurs
knitting....all in a pile.

Started over and ready to put sleeves on a string.
I  am having a mind block and had to text Ruth for help.
I think I know what's going on and have to recount.
If not, Ruth and I might have to have an emergency lunch
this week !!!!  LOLOL

Plymouth Select Superwash yarn... my favorite. Look at the
stitch definition.

Ruth is working along on her Martha sweater, tried
it on today and all is good.
This color is going to look stunning on her !
 Martha is working on a nice pair of socks....

 and here is the final pick of her baby outfit..
so cute !
In other news:
The little kids are ready for the superbowl.
KeeLee had a little bath so she smells \
like a baby.  I didn't say she liked it, I said
she had one.

Mickey is waiting for me to sit down so he can
sit on my lap.  We missed lap time this morning...

Have a great week.
I'm sorry Martha....but...go Atlanta !