Sunday, December 29, 2019

Knitatation - Christmas Edition - Part 2

Happy New Year Dear Blog Readers.
I hope you had a nice Christmas even if you don't
really celebrate the day.

After I did the blog last week, I started a Jason
hat.  I knew it was fast, and I wanted to make it for my
cousin for Christmas. I knit and knit on Sunday and Monday.
Finished on Tuesday and blocked and dried it.

The yarn is Super Tajmahal that I've had in my stash for a long time.
I added some Cumulus yarn to it to make it soft.  The cumulus is a teal
green and the Tajmajal is a forest green.  I'm quite happy with the
Here is my cousin wearing it, not the greatest picture, but
she loved it.

Here is a picture of dad wearing his Irma hat.
He put it on right after opening.

My brother loved his socks. I usually just make him a hat, but this
year he requested socks.
(I wish his feet were smaller!!)

Joey loved his Christmas socks! His feet love the Panda Silk, and they
don't make it anymore.  I actually have a new bamboo blend yarn to
try for his 2020 socks.

Here is Tiffany in her Buffalo check hat.
Yukon Campfire Hat pattern.

I did not talk about this in the blog before, because she
sometimes reads it.
Berroco Ultra Wool yarn.
Her dog, Max, is very photogenic

Had a lot of yarn leftover, so made a matching cowl.
Cast on 120 stitches.

Mark put his helmet liner on right away.  He can be very picky,
and honest (sometimes not good) but he loved it and said he will
definitely wear it at work because he gets so cold.

Casey also got a Yukon Campfire hat.
She actually has boots that match!
As long as we're talking Buffalo Check, here is a picture
of Casey's niece, Riley, who was born on Aug 1st.
Casey's mom is holding her.

I do not have pictures of mom, Vicky or Joe wearing their socks.
Joe wore his for two days so I had to wash them, and they are currently

The kids got me a camera for Christmas, so the rest of my
pictures are from that.
The very first picture I took  was of my little Mickey. LOL

I'm working on socks for me!
I shared in the blog a couple of weeks ago.
Carmanah pattern.

 I made several modifications.
I am knitting top down.
72 stitches.
Using German short row heel.
the pattern is very dense so I'm not going to use it for the
foot. I'm using a variation of one row of the pattern.
Ktbl, knit knit, Ktbl, purl purl.

I have so much Cumulus yarn left. I got it for a shawl that
I decided not to make.  So I started a very brainless scarf.
you know how I love stripes!
Using an icord edge so it hopefully will not curl.
Just ending the blue and starting the green color.
Will carry the copper color with the green, then next
will be green and ???? I haven't decided.
This is 8" so far.
I'm going to get going on my sweate again.
Going to put stitches on a string and block it to see how much longer
it needs to be.

Ruth is working away on her sweater.
Pattern is Colors for a Cloudy Day by Connie Peng.
She tried it on yesterday and the fit is good!!!

Martha made a Jason hat for her son and got it done for

 Martha cut the blue bottom off of her sweater and is adding
more inches to it.  Here is a sweater she made before that she
is using as a template.

 This is the pattern:
She washed the yarn and is drying it by the furnace.

 Remember she finished this a while ago.
She added more white (had to harvest yarn from
swatches)  :)
She has a little blue to go.  I saw this in person at
Rhinebeck and it's totally lovely.
I'm glad she added a few inches so she is happier with it and will wear

 Martha is working on new socks.
Emerging Cable Socks

Her is her start and the yarn.
 In other news...
Joe and I went away for two days for our Christmas present
to each other.
We saw Earth Wind and Fire at  Turning Stone Casino.
They sure make a lot of music!  I loved the trombones and trumpets.
The lead singers sing like they are in their 70's (they are)  LOL
But totally entertaining.

Have a great week dear blog readers. I'm back to work on Thursday
so I hope I can get a lot of knitting done before then.

It's currently raining buckets here...better than snow I guess.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Knitatation - Christmas Edition - Part 1

Hi Dear Blog Readers...
Well after months of  Christmas knitting,
I'm ready to wrap!

Here is the pile of knits ready to wrap, minus
the three hats I delivered this week at work,
and minus the head warmer (separate picture).

The Alpine headband seemed to take a long time, but I
was working on JustForYou at the same time.  I
decided to rip that. Was not that excited about the
direction it was taking.

The Kobuk hat was a huge hit. My friend
Laurie loved it. Here she is:

Ruth is working on her
  Colors for a Cloudy Day by Connie Peng. 

She has lots of stitches on the needles now.

Martha finished her mittens.  Dog's name is Moxie.
She designed these herself.
Sooo nice.

We celebrated Joe's family Christmas yesterday.
I am sorry the pictures are not better.

The Play doh station was a big success...

 We went caroling at two neighbors and then lit Chinese
lanterns to celebrate Winter Solstace. We sang and made
Image may contain: one or more people and child

 Image may contain: one or more people and night

 Image may contain: one or more people and night

 Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and night

Of course there were snow angels on the way in.

Can you tell I had fun with Faith (age 5) and Jackie (age 3)

Jeanine's family.  She just moved to North Carolina, but
her kids came.  yea

 Mindy's family

Donna's family

  Our family

Tiffany took the picture so is not in here and that makes me sad
Image may contain: 15 people, including Mark Gallipeau, Connie Fink, Krista Hangartner and Donald Hangartner, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Joe and I took a ride to the Holley falls today. So pretty.

Christmas will be over in a couple days.
I hope you all have safe, healthy, happy

Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Little of this and a little of that

Do you believe Christmas is in nine days?  I have a lot to do yet,
but the knitting is mostly done.

The Kobuk hat is done.  I just have to secure the pompom

I am so glad I re-engineered it and made the ribbing
k1pl.  A lot of work, but worth it.  

The Kidsilk haze makes it so soft. Even softer than the yarn
itself.  I can't believe I'm giving it away.  LOL

The final present I'm knitting is the Alpine Headband. Free pattern
on Ravelry.For my friend Denise. She loves black. I hate to knit
with black. But, it's not about me. :)
I had looked over a couple other headband patterns before this one.
I am altering this one with a little from another pattern, and a little
from this one. Little of this and a little of that.  I added an i-cord
edging to this and added two extra stitches. I like the results.
I am about 1/3 or so done.

Finished up the Helmet Liner. I think I have now officially made
one for every man I know that goes outside...wait...I can make
another one for George who does the driveway sometimes.  hahaha
They are wonderful when it's really cold.
I am participating in in the JFY6 (Just for you 6).
Get a clue each day 12 days prior to Christmas. I've done this
before. I am on day 3.  The intent is for it to be about an hour a
day for relaxing time. So far its quite boring but relaxing for sure.
One more reason I am doing this is I have yarn from my purple
sweater to use. Yea. I have done some serious stash busting with
all of this Holiday knitting. 

Ruth is working on a new sweater.
Shenandoah Fibers.  Woodland Moss colorway.
She got this beaultiful yarn at Rhinebeck this year.

Pattern is Colors for a Cloudy Day by Connie Peng.

Martha is working away on her second mitten.

Reminder she designed these herself

I love these two pictures that show them done side by side

Wonderful...just wonderful.
She wants to get a Kobuk hat done by  Christmas.
She can do it!

In other is crazy busy for me so I really look forward
to knitting at night.  It is my happy place.  I am only working
Mon-Thurs this week, then off until January 2nd. I need the break.
Have a great week  dear blog knitters.
Merry Christmas.
p.s. Go Bills!  (they are the late Sunday night game this week)