Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a while since I have blogged.....lots of things happening...good and bad.
First, let's get the bad over with. Sadly, my mother-in-law died two weeks ago from Cancer.
We are all still heartbroken. She was a nice lady. Enough said.

My flowers are sooo pretty - I picked a lot of lavendar to dry today. Love the smell!

The Roses are looking quite nice also.

This is the view along the side of the garage.

This is the view from the front of the house....look closely...see anything unusual....

Here's a closeup: A bird built a nest in the light!

The mama flys away everytime we pass by the window or pull in the driveway.
When she was taking a break, Joey put his phone in and took this picture:

Speaking of Joey, he has had a rough couple of weeks....he was splitting wood, and got his
hand caught between the splitter metal wedge (sharp and pointy) and a huge piece of wood.
He broke a bone in his hand and will be in a cast for 2-3 more weeks.

Joe and I went fishing/boating/ yesterday. Nice catch, huh!

It was raining today - alot- for a long time - so Tiffany and I sorted the socks that didn't
have mates. No, it was not fun!

Now to some knitting content.

Ruth finished up her vest made out of her own handspun yarn.
She needs buttons yet.

She is also making the kai-mei socks from the new Cookie A book. She used
Sunshine Yarns yarn... Notice the lacing/spiriling on the top of the sock

Here is the latest photo of the sweater Martha is knitting: Stella Blouse from
IK Spring 2004. She's ready to put it together in this photo. I love it!

Here is the sweater all sewn up...she just needs to
get a matching zipper. Isn't EmmaLouise stunning?

She is also done w/one Noro sock and started on the 2nd.

I have been working on the 2nd Red sock - Waterfall Rib pattern. The first one went so smoothly. This one has been a huge nightmare! Started the ribbing 3 times. Freakin Ribbing.
Yesterday when we were boating I somehow pulled one needle out and could not recover...had to do surgery this morning when I could concentrate. Its hard to see the red, plus it is furry, which
makes it hard to see the stitches...ugh! I have finally turned the heel and can head down the foot.

I finished up the blue holey sweater. Joe and Joey said it did nothing for my figure....not sure
how I can fix that. It was a fun knit, though, and went very fast.

I am loving the Luna Moth shawl - free pattern from Elann. I am using Schafer anne yarn.
I try to do one knit row and one purl row a day. There are so many stitches on their now that it now takes 20-25 minutes to complete the two rows.

Magic is waiting for me to back to my knitting....he actually sits there and crys for me
too come and sit and knit by him.......

catch ya'll later....

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Joe turned 50 yesterday! He went fishing for the weekend, and caught lots of delicious perch which we had for dinner tonight.

I think he's praying that the cake will be good!


Tiffany (not wanting her picture taken obviously)

Dave (Tiffany's boyfriend)

With Joe being gone all weekend, I had a chance to knit. Ruth and I went
to sock group on Saturday morning. I finished up the back of the holey
sweater on Saturday afternoon and got a start on the front. It's going to
be just a boxy oversweater.

I also knit a few rows on the Luna Moth shawl (free pattern from Elan).
I'm using Schaefer Anne Yarn. Probably would have been better in a plain yarn,
but I really love the Anne, and love the colors, and its for me so I'm doing it my way!

Ruth is knitting a vest out of her homespun yarn in garter stitch. Its really wonderful in person.

I got the rest of our flowers planted and was quite busy with lots of non-knitting stuff this weekend. I sure wish it would warm up. I have had a sweatshirt on all day...brrrrrr

Have a good, safe week.