Sunday, November 25, 2018

Busy Busy Busy

 Busy week!
I was off Tues and Wed before Thanksgiving.
Continued with my housecleaning, and did
dining room and kitchen. I'm done for a bit.
What's a day off without knitting? 

Managed to finish up both Fuzzy Feet Slippers.
I knit an 18 stitch, 20 row piece that I sewed into
the inside for added thickness.

Still need to felt.

Worked on these socks.
I decided to do a two row ribbing every 10 rows...
(or 9 or 11)...:)

Ruth is working away on her 2nd sweater sleeve:

and purchased an ornament pattern from the
Indie Gift cute, don't you think????!!!!!!

Martha finished up the first sock for her son, and is about 3"
done on the 2nd.
and...tada....her vest is done!
Pattern is Really by Berroco, and yarn is Noro.
Sooo nice !
In other news...
today I've made bread, oatmeal cookie bars and scalloped
potatoes for dinner tomorrow.  I have knit just a little.

Joe , Joey and Nicky went fishing today.
No pic of Joey...they dropped him off on the way home.

Quite a  catch, huh!

Have a great week dear blog readers....
let the holiday (winter) knitting continue.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


I spent some time browsing thru my stash this week.
I have a lot of sock yarn, that does not have any nylon
in it.  Shawls I guess. When I was new to sock knitting,
I did knit socks without nylon, and holes appeared
much faster.

Finished up the 2nd sock this week...these colors
are awful. It's a nice oatmeal color.
Pattern is: Snowfall Socks, written for a 64 stitch

That would not work - I cast on 76 stitches, and added two
to beginning, middle and end of pattern. After 3 " I decreased
two, and decreased two again at ankle.  Size 2 needle.

 I purchased way too much yarn. A whole extra 125ish
yards. Now what to do with it.
???  The yarn is so nice...

 Finished my brothers helmet hat.
The colors is really a navy/blue jean color.

this is really to be worn when its super cold out. With
a hood or hat. 
 Interesting.  the one I made for my dad uses
Cascade 220 (yds) and I ran out. This is
Berroco Ultra Wool, 219 yards, and I had some
left over.  Same needles....Both superwash worsted weight yarn.
I like the Berroco much better.
a real head scratcher.

 Started felted slippers for Casey
Fuzzy feet pattern.
Very fast so far.

Mauch Chunky yarn.
Purchased years ago at Spirit works yarn shop
(now closed) to make these slipper for me.
Another stash yarn used...yea!

Started some plain socks with Feza yarn.
They will be straight knitting for when
I need total brainless work. 

 Ribbing so far.

Ruth made mittens for her little great-nephew.
Also a cowl, but she gifted that already.
And check this out.
She purchased fabric and made a little blankie
for Baby Ray,.
Wish I could sew!
But really, I guess Im ok..
I dont need a distraction from Knitting.
Here is the other side.

Martha is blocking her vest!
 It needs one more day to dry thenshe will  finish the shoulders
 and put on some cord and buttons.
  It is Berroco pattern Really. It’s Noro yarn. The color is browner.
This pic was taken in the basement so the lighting is not great down there.
And progress on Tom's socks:

In other news:

We all have had a pretty crafty week.
I did the dining room yesterday...
Washed curtains, walls, floor.  Getting
ready for Thanksgiving.  But even if we didn't have
company coming, this is the time of year I do a deep cleaning.
I take the summer off!

Joe got a giant deer yesterday. I'm so happy for him.
We decided no pictures in case some of you are against
that sort of thing. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving dear blog readers...

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Quiet Fall Week

Hi there....
It was a very quiet week here at Knitatation.

I went to the gym two evenings after that means
I leave at 6:00 am and get home at 6:15 pm.. very long day,
does not leave much energy for knitting.

I was faithful the the 2nd sock, and have just turned
the heel.
I always feel like I've reached a huge milestone when I
am done with heel decreases. I chose to do a standard
heel on these socks because they might be a tad big, and
I didn't want them slipping in the shoe.

Finished up the helmet liner for my dad.
There is not enough yarn in Cascade 220 for all of it,
so have to use a 2nd color.  I think it gives it a little spunk.!@!

I have yarn for a yoke pattern sweater that I'm dying
to start...inspiration to get Christmas knitting done!

Ruth has both fronts, and the back done on her sweater.

 She is working on sleeves now.

 Tiffany is getting close to done on the baby blanket.
This is almost two skeins. I suggested she do another
half skein.  Her baby sprinkle party is Sat after Thanksgiving.
she needs time to block it. I think she will be done in time.


HER k3, p1 Sock is coming along..she isdoing heel and
soom will be  zooming down the foot

Here is her vest. 
She is beginning to shape arms and neck.
Can't wait to see it done!

In other news:
We had snow Friday....leaves are buried under the snow.

The big maple is still green, it usually turns when the other
ones do...and the leaves are hanging on for dear life!
The tree in the background is samething, and totally bare.
Joe has worked tirelessly all weekend picking up the leaves.
We have soooo many every year.

Last Friday I went to an estate sale and bought
this table. It was dark green. Before I went, Joe said
he would paint and varnish the one he did last year
that was green (from Estate Sale).
Her it is. The top on this is oak. He did such a nice job...
I love it.
 here is the one from last year....
I love this one little different, but they are on
opposite sides of the room.

I have been domestic this weekend....yet more reasons for limited
knitting.  Yesterday I made sauerkraut & keilbasa in the crockpot...
with homemade applesauce.  So good. I also made sauce yesterday.
Today I have made bread to go with sauce.  Made zoodles for myself...
So yummy.  Thanksgiving so so close. Tiffany washed the windows
in the family room for me today. I washed curtains, walls, did the
baseboards, and carpet....smells and looks good. So much more to
do.  What do you do for Thanksgiving dear blog readers....
leave a comment.....
Happy Knitting.

Sunday, November 4, 2018


 It's been very fallish the last week.  Very rainy.
The trees are finally turning.  Our big maple tree
is still green! 

I finished up the Rowan Fine Art yarn socks.
Row 1:   K1, Slip 1, K1, K1
Row 2, Knit

This yarn is so pretty.
I did the knit stitches on the  ribbing TBL

An an afterthought heel
Glad they are done!

I was able to work on the Snowfall socks this week,
 I did a regular heel
Currently decreasing for toe, so should be done tonight!

Brainless project this week was a helmet liner hat.
Yarn is Cascade 220.  Ran out of yarn, so using a gray that
has shades of blue....I have enough of the bright blue left
to put around the face if I want to.
I am currently doing the face will be done soon.

Ruth is working on her Tilda Sweater by Yoko Hatta.
She just started the right front.

Her plain sock using Into the Whirled Yarn. She
had to start three times so it didn't pool.  Still a bit of
pooling on the foot, but I love it....

Martha has been working on her Berroco pattern vest in the evening,
and her sock in the morning.
She had a little glitch with the decreases (pattern fail) and
had to rip back.  She is now on track.   This is her sock...
K3P1. She is working on the heel.

Tiffany came today with her blanket. She is half way done.
It is so nice...and soft.
She had a helper at home yesterday watching her knit
Max.... :)

Today I have been domestic.
Made chicken soup and bread.
Made pancakes for breakfast....
Cleaning, etc.

I may sneak outside for a little walk now.

Have a great week dear blog readers!