Sunday, August 27, 2017

Last Post of Summer

 This is the last post of the makes me
incredibly sad.  Next week we are on vac so no blog

Finished up the Opal cabaret sock, sport weight yarn,
size 3 needle

I did the leg of the 2nd sock in a hospital waiting room
this week, all I brought with me was the yarn and needles.
I had the ribbing done.  I got to where I thought the heel should
start, but wasn't sure.  Luckily, there was a woman in the waiting
room knitting, so I asked if she had a tape measure and
sure enough, she did.  Phew

My own swirly purly pattern
They fit Joe nicely
This is the last pair I will make him before Christmas...
too many other things to make.

Still working on Silverleaf Shawl...the garter st is getting
kind of dull.  Up to 90 stitches...

I was in a little panic...what to knit now?  I will concentrate on
Silverleaf now, but need something else....
so I started a hat for my dad for Christmas...
Still have not started to rip the sweater...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ruth has a lot done on her shawl:

In other news:
I made orange cookies today ... Joey's birthday is
Tuesday so we will have these, his favorite, instead
of cake.

Ruth & hubby spent the weekend with her son-in-law
and grandkids.  I love this's so beautiful, the
scenery, and the kids. It screams "family"....

Have a great week dear blog readers...looking forward
to catching up in September....

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dog day of summer...

82 degrees today...I guess for this year that is a dog
day of summer. Our long range forecast calls for one
or two days in the 60's next week!

I decided it was time to fix the socks that had holes in
them.   Six socks, besides the two pair of Joe's I showed
you last week. I hope I'm done for a while.  I really
like the patch method...definitely easier, prettier,
and better for my hands.

Joe's sport weight opal sock is almost done.
I just need him to try it on and see how much
further I need to knit before I start toe decrease.

I have about 62 stitches done on the Silverleaf Shawl.
Lots to go. It's pretty much brainless at this point,
except for the 1st row of 10.

Ruth's shawl is coming along nicely!
I love her yarn choice with this pattern,
very soft lovely.

Martha was traveling this weekend and didn't have an update.

In other news:
we have one pinky tomato...the plant is up to
my shoulders

The family came over yesterday to celebrate Joey and Mark's

A lot of candles and a lot of smoke

Everyone had fun...I hope

Joe worked all day...poor guy

Joe and Joey got up at 4:00 am today and went
fishing to Lake Erie.

Biggest catch:
9 lb / 29 In Walleye!

That bad boy won't even fit in a 5 gal bucket!

I'm so glad they got to go.  Said the waves were 3-4 feet and it
was hard at times...glad the only waves I encountered were
in the pool!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Phew, and they are done

 Phew, the socks are done and blocked...
on time!  I'm glad to have my life back...errr I mean
my knitting life...don't really like such deadlines
but it was self imposed...for Joe's sister's 60th birthday.
 See last week's post for more details on

Started a pair of sport weight socks...
and I decided I need to fix a few pair.

Somehow, Joe got a hole in the ribbing of these...
I  still had the yarn so all fixed now.

I found this website with a different way
to fix holes.
It seemed to work well.
This is the inside
Hopefully it will hold.

Started another pair...
There are quite a few that need fixin...but it's so
boring compared to knitting...LOL

Now I'm going to concentrate on  getting the purple sweater done.
I would like to wear it at Rhinebeck, but if not, I'm ok with it.

Ruth is coming along on her shawl (see last week's post for details)
I saw it in person yesterday. It is really really nice! 

Martha is coming along on her red "S" socks....
no picture this week.

The girls and I had breakfast yesterday. So nice to
catch up. Talked about Rhinebeck which is not that
far away...

In other news...
we had a nice summery dinner...

Have a great week....

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Phew...blinked and the week was over!

 What a fast week, huh....
I worked furiously on the Sybaritic socks...and yea,
got the first one done.!
It helps that it's a shorter sock....I added 4 rows to the top, and 12
to the section right before heel...
I think it's 5.5" tall, I usually do 7-8 to use up yarn.

Love doing this pattern. I only worked on this all
week.  I think I might block the first one to see how it looks.
It's a size 8.5 and I'm a 7 so it is big on my foot in the picture.

Ruth is making this beautiful shawl. -
Walk on the Beach.
She is barely started. Yarn is Classic Yarns Cashsoft 4 ply. Merino,
microfiber, and cashmere. 
So far so pretty...!

Martha finished up her shawl.
Serenity Now! 
 She went to Green Mt Spinnery and got white to
finish the last 8 rows. Can you imagine how fun it would
be to just pop over to Green Mt Spinnery or WEBS whenever
you want to?????  Jealous!

I thought this was Ruth when I first saw this picture:

It is lovely don't you think!
Now I'll make you jealous...I get to see it in person
on Saturday!

Martha started a sock:
 These are Hourglass socks by Bev Eicerio published in Knitty.
 Yarn unknown....
very snazzy!

In other news:
there isn't any..
have a great week dear blog readers.