Sunday, January 27, 2019

Making a Survival Kit

This week I need a hospital survival kit....
Joe is having his right hip replaced tomorrow.
We have been waiting a long time, I'm so glad
his pain, at least from the hip, will be gone.

I think I will be visiting for three  to four

So I spent some time this weekend getting
my knitting to a certain point so it was easy to
pick up.

The second sock only has 1 more repeat then I 
can decrease for the toe.  I would love to get this
done.  It is an enjoyable knit, and I don't have
second sock symdrome.

Last week I showed you the cool color socks I am
making for mom. Got the heel turned, with German
Short row heel, and I got scared that there was not enough
yarn for both I ripped back to leg, and put
in a nice bright blue regular heel.  Onward!

The Buffalo check hat I made last  week is way
too small.  I am going to put that hat in the
gift drawer, and start over.  I think I know what
happened. I carried floats every  three stitches, making
it tight, and I need to go up a needle size since I am
a tight knitter. I am also going to make the brim a little
longer than the pattern suggests.

I have a little start on 2nd one which will be great
waiting room knitting.

I really didn't do much knitting this week...just
got these projects to a point where I can pick up and
put down a lot.
I want to work on my sweater, maybe tonight.

Ruth sent this shawl pic this morning, she is probably
done with it by now.  She is having thumb surgery
on Tuesday so no knitting pics from her for a couple
of weeks.
Martha started a sweater and something is wrong
with my computer, I can't receive her emails today!
I will update if it ever comes here....
If not, we will get a nice big update from
her next week.

Have a great, knitful week dear blog readers,
(well, Ruth will have to read about knitting).....

Sunday, January 20, 2019

We Interrupt Normal Knitting to bring you....

a hat....
I have been in love with this hat for a while...and all of a sudden
it hit would look great on our friend Crissy.
She weighs about 100 lbs or super cute, and wears

Yukon Campfire Hat

Here is my version

  Berroco Ultra Wool, which I love
Colors Beet, Juliet, and Cast Iron.

Size 6 needles for ribbing, and size 7 for hat.
I  carried yarn every 3 stitches.

Ribbing on  Friday, Hat part on Saturday and decrease for top on
Sunday...pretty quick knit.

 Here is the faux fur pom pom I'm going to attach when
it's dry.  I hope she likes it!

Joey wore his Christmas socks here today and I think they
are a little small..darn!
I told him to really stretch them when he washes them the
next time.

 He said he likes that they are nice and thin.

I was so busy this week that I didn't do much knitting.
Worked a little on the sweater:

Ruth is working on a shawl. She is having thumb surgery
next Tuesday, so wants to get it done before she can't knit
for a long chunk of time:
 Hedera Leaf by Tetiana Oruta.
Yarn is Tidal yarns

 Here are Martha's socks,,,
Round Peg/Square Hole..
so nice!

In other news...
we are in a very snowy, not quite blizzard event here in
New York..great for knitting

Sunday, January 13, 2019


This was kind of an odd week here at Knitatation.
I had some chunks of time to knit on Tuesday,
thus allowing me to get quite a bit of sock knitting

 First Woodland Walk  Sock is done.
2nd one has just a couple rows of
ribbing.  Can't wait to see them blocked.

The brainless colorful socks are coming along.
In process of doing German short row heel.
Once the heel is done, it will go back to
being brainless.


This is my favorite pattern to keep wild yarn from
K3 slip 1

My sweater looks the same as it did last week. I found a mistake
way down...way way down and ripped and restared.  sigh.

Ruth has finished her sweater....just blocking left.
It turned out great, can't wait to see it on her. !!
Pattern is Farm House Cardigan by Amy Christoffers.
Yarn is Berroco Catena.

Martha ripped her purple socks from last
week and started a new pattern, that she likes much better.
Square Peg, Round Hole

I like them a lot too...nice pattern.

In other news:

Martha gave her dog  Sophie a pedi today....cute!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Kinda Dull

 This has been a weird week.  Off Mon/Tues, and worked
Wed,  Thurs, Fri. Difficult days at work. Way too busy.
I am currently working on a sock that I like very much.
Woodland Walk Socks, Fiber Optics Yarn

Pattern calls for 64 stitches, but I am doing 72.
72 are a bit tight, so I don't know who could wear
64!@  I did three repeats of pattern on leg, and so far
have done one on the foot.

Started a plain, brainless sock.
K3, P1 pattern.
Yarn is Lornas Laces Solemate .
I think these will be for mom.

Started a sweater.
Fern & Feather Pattern.
So far so good.  LOL
not much to show.

Joe let me take pictures of him wearing one pair
of his Christmas socks.
He likes them a lot!  Win!

Ruth finished up her shawl for Emma
and her sweater is coming along nicely....

Martha is working on a pair of socks
Alluvial Deposits sock by Rich Ensor.
His patterns are difficult, but she figured it out!

In other news...
Joe went fishing yesterday
in the boat!
Probably the last time this year.

 Have a wonderful week dear blog readers...
Knit on!!!